I know you can’t believe that I am about to write a post about me being crafty, but brace yourselves. It’s true. It’s like I almost don’t even know who I am anymore.

Project #1a: I was looking all over etsy for a fall wreath that I liked. And I found several, but the prices were way steep…like, instead of feeding-the-kids-for-a-week-I-could-have-a-new-wreath steep. So I decided to google for some ideas to make my own. And I went out looking for the berries I wanted for it, and didn’t find what I liked at Michael’s. So I got discouraged. Looked on etsy again. AGAIN decided that I couldn’t stomach spending that kind of a money. So I went to Hobby Lobby, and behold, the berries I was looking for!!

I had planned to follow a quick tutorial I found online that involved layering the wreaths for some depth, but there isn’t room between my storm door and front door to do that, so I just did it the really easy way: one wreath, some grapevine wire, and the berries. Total cost: $18

Project #1b was born of project #1’s sloppy seconds: I found some tall berry-like branch things at Michael’s (they wouldn’t work for the wreath – not durable enough). I stuck them in this long-ago-garage-sale-find vase on my hearth with the leftover vine stuff from the wreath berries, and voila! Fall. Total cost: $3


Project #2 and 3: Kelli emailed me this post about spray paint, as she knows that my love for the stuff knows no bounds.

She knew we had tons of pine cones nearby and that I had this large pumpkin-shaped glass thing (from Sharon!) that I wanted to fill with something. Perfect! Though pine cones are a bit harder to spray paint than one might think, I got it done and LOVE the results. Total cost: $4 (I already had most of the spray paint I needed)

While perusing that post, I came across this amazing guest bedroom sign. And knew immediately that I HAD to make it. Is there a more perfect verse for a guest bedroom wall? Giant wall art {like 48×38″ giant!) for approximately $30. It was a little bit of work, but totally worth it.

with the plywood primed and painted, matt helped me draw lines to make the spacing of the stickers correct.

then, i painted over the whole thing with the same turquoise paint to help seal the edges of the stickers to prevent bleeding...i'll post more about this in a few days.

then, the magic happens. i mean, the spray paint happens. whatever. same diff.

there are a few tiny touchups that need to be done from pencil marks, and then we have to get this on the wall...which will be tricky b/c it's warped...


Project #4: Etched glasses. I have Southern Living to thank for this one. I spotted this idea and ripped it out of the magazine several months ago, but wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to find the number stickers I needed. I got the glasses at Ikea when I was last there, and found the 2″ vinyl numbers at Office Max when I was getting letters for Project #3. I’d never worked with etching cream before this, and it was not too hard to work with (though, you should definitely wear gloves…it’s acid). These didn’t come out completely etched; I need to perfect my technique, obviously, but I think that these are fun!


Project #5: I learned about this at a Moms and Tots meeting last week and had to make one for Jack Henry! It was so easy. I’m going to get a small pizza box from a restaurant to store it in.

He took this picture of his finished product!

we have since added little white pieces of onion to the toppings.

I need a nap.

11 responses to “Crafty.

  1. It all looks great! Are you for hire?

  2. Good grief! You did all this–plus you’re working on JH’s room?! I’m impressed no end! I really like the 2 hearth decs; heck, I’d have grabbed Sharon’s pumpkin-shaped container if I coulda figured out something this cute to do w/ it! Can’t wait to see this stuff when I come next week, esp the guest bdrm wall hanging!

  3. Love everything. Love your bigger sign and the colors!!! Nicely done.

  4. i love the guest room sign. it’s perfect.

  5. Wow – look at you. I am most impressed!

  6. Wow!! it all looks so impressive. You may have just inspired me to get more crafty:) Great job on it all.

  7. I crack up at most of the pictures of your boys….always wearing something that my boys have 🙂 Will has that grey and green tshirt (gap i think). Love the crafts!

  8. I am So Impressed! I didn’t know you had made that sign when I saw it on fb! Great work on all of it!!

  9. I like the blog you linked to also~thanks!

  10. LOVE it all!!! Great job!! I especially love the glasses and pizza! I’m making that pizza tomorrow! I think I have all the felt here!

  11. Cool, cool! I LOVE the sign! You go girl!

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