The Outtakes.

I got a brilliant* idea on Friday afternoon as I was uploading a few pictures to a website. I realized that I don’t have any good pictures of my two older boys, just them by themselves (the same cannot be said of Jack Henry; he’s still little enough that I take lots of snapshots of him regularly). I wanted one of each kid alone for the shelves in the living room and because I’m not really fond of posed, school-picture pictures, it meant I needed to take some.

So after school I offered them a bribe a deal: put on these nice clothes, let’s go to Castlewood Park and I’ll take some pictures of you guys, and if you cooperate, we’ll take a quick hike, I’ll get you fast food for dinner, and you can watch a movie. They took the bribe deal and we set off for the park.

I managed to get some good snapshots. I think I’ve got some worth printing. But those aren’t fun to see now, are they? These are the ones that really show what our time was like. Some of these will get printed, too.

*not really

3 responses to “The Outtakes.

  1. Hilarious! The pictures are great. JH’s suprised face is AWESOME! The ones of Luke at the end remind me of Zach when he was younger for some reason.

  2. I feel like I need to come to tea with you and learn all about the 2nd born child….
    Adorable pics of your sweet and fun boys!

  3. Just wondering – how high can Bennett’s eyebrows go?

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