Milk: 7 Things I Didn’t Know Before I Was a Mom.

1. When it spills, you can think that you’ve cleaned it all up. But, wait a day or so, and then get down on the floor and look at your chair legs, or the side of the cabinets, or the barstool legs, or the wall, or all of the above depending upon the severity of the spill, and you’ll see dried milk splatter everywhere.

2. When figuring out how much of you need to buy, you have to allot a certain number of ounces that will be lost to spills.

3. I used to see these women at Sam’s Club with a cart full of milk. Like 6 gallons at a time. And I’d wonder, “Does she have 8 kids or something? Who buys that much milk at one time?” Now, I’m that woman girl. So thankful that we have an extra fridge in the basement, so that I can stock up and not have to make a stop at Quik Trip in an emergency.

4. Boys can put down a shocking number of ounces when going through a growth spurt.

5. Or when gagging down a food they don’t like.

6. If you use a washcloth to wipe up a spill, you’d best find a load of laundry that needs washing immediately, because that rag is going to STINK in a day or two.

7. It can cause you to not even think twice about throwing away a perfectly good sippy cup if it’s been sitting for too long. We are thankfully past sippy cup stage in our house (yahoo!) but several met an untimely demise when abandoned somewhere they shouldn’t have been for a couple of days.

PS…Pre-kids-who-could-walk, I also used to think “what kind of mom loses a sippy cup full of milk in her house/car?” Ahhh, parenting. It’s so humbling.

6 responses to “Milk: 7 Things I Didn’t Know Before I Was a Mom.

  1. One more thing… you WILL lose the lid at some point.

    We got smart though. Now, before we throw out the empty container, we save the lid for when the one we SWEAR WE JUST HAD disappears. 🙂

  2. Greater truths were never spoken!

  3. So true! Awesome post! #1 is a constant here at my house.

  4. amen! i go through milk so fast it makes my head spin. 2 gallons won’t even last us a flippin’ week!!!!!!

  5. so, so true. all of it. true. and right before i read this adali dumped her entire glass of milk on the counter ON PURPOSE just so she could use the dish rag to clean it up. and i knew right after i saw her do it that the rag had to go straight in the wash or the entire house would soon smell like sour milk. ick.

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