That Reminds Me of a Story…

I just read Karen’s post from last night about how her 2-year-old son, Cole, is trying to be as independent in the kitchen as his siblings. Go on over there and read what he did, and I’ll wait.

So, that made me think of something I recently discovered.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been buying the boys these little flossers to use after brushing their teeth. Luke has amazingly huge spaces between his teeth (hopefully meaning that he won’t need braces!), so they aren’t even really necessary for him, but Bennett’s teeth could not be closer together. So flossing for him is a requirement, and he does a good job with those kid flossers.

A month or so ago, Jack Henry started insisting that I let him floss his teeth, too. Given that he has spacing like Luke, it’s totally unnecessary, but in an effort to pick my battles wisely, I told him it was fine to floss sometimes.

I always brush his teeth after he takes his turn doing it, and one day I stuck around through his flossing routine, talking him through how to do it correctly. And then I watched as he took his used flosser and placed it right back in the drawer where he’d found it.

I can’t describe the horror that went through my mind in that moment…I played it cool, and told him that they are to be used only one time and then thrown away. Definite light bulb moment for him. Ick. I shudder to think how many times he did that, and then a brother picked up a used one and flossed with it.

However, no one has gotten sick, and no one appears to have gingivitis, so I think we’re good.

2 responses to “That Reminds Me of a Story…

  1. i might have gagged a little in my mouth. even it just touching the bottom of a drawer (i don’t care how new/clean it is) would have me shuddering… good for them for flossing!!! they could teach me a lesson or two, considering i bit into a carrot last night and part of my tooth broke off. probably not the carrot’s fault….

  2. Ha Ha Ha! Really, just rinse the chunks off and it’s totally reusable.

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