Halloween 2010 Recap!

Not only is this the 2010 costume show, it’s also my 2nd entry in the SITS camera giveaway! Two birds, one stone.

The boys had their parades/parties on Friday at school. Since Bennett is half-day kindergarten, he got to wear his costume to school; Luke had to change after lunch. B’s parade was just his class, while the rest of the school paraded together later in the day. Here are a couple of quick pics:

beaming as he paraded along!

they walked with their buddy class, and unfortunately, his buddy wasn't there! he didn't seem to mind though.

On Friday night, I took the kids up to Trunk or Treat at the school, which was fun. Here’s the obligatory group shot:

dash from the incredibles, woody from toy story, and darth vader

Then, on Sunday for trick-or-treating, we took pictures again. For one, Jack Henry wore a different costume, and two, cousin Will came along for the first few houses!

so darth, dash, and buzz lightyear DRESSED as woody!

Jack Henry’s wide feet were not a good fit for the cowboy boots that his brothers had worn in previous years (when they were 4 instead of 3, but whatever). I’ve come to the realization that being the 3rd boy in a family has its perks, like the plethora of hand-me-down costumes at hand. So, we decided that he could be Buzz Lightyear, and he was totally happy with that. Aunts Michon and Hayley were helping Jack Henry get dressed when they came up with the idea that he could be both Buzz and Woody…and somehow, we morphed the costume into “Buzz Lightyear dressed as Woody.” Truly, the boots would have MADE the costume. But since they necessitated the costume change in the first place, they were out. He looked adorable!

Here are the boys and Will. Will’s wearing the costume my mom made for Luke’s first Halloween in 2003. I love that it’s now on it’s 4th child!

i could barely get him to hold still enough for a picture!

This was Hayley’s and my view the entire night…they were on.a.mission.

Great night. Tons of fun, tons of candy (much of it now residing at Matt’s office to be shared amongst his coworkers), and not enough sleep. Can’t wait for next year.

5 responses to “Halloween 2010 Recap!

  1. I’m so out-of-it w/ some of these characters; I wrote that Bennett was “Flash” on FB. Anyway, I just love the Woody-morfed-into-Buzz/Woody for JH, as well as the well-worn pumpkin outfit for Will!

  2. I can’t wait to see Ashlyn in the pumpkin costume next year.

  3. great pictures! i need to send the majority of our candy to work w/ eric too. we only had around 25 kids come to our house so the remainder of the candy that i bought + what the kids brought home = way too much at our house.

  4. They looked awesome!

  5. I wish my kids got to do the costume parade thing at school. Your boys look great!

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