I mentioned a while back that I love when babies/toddlers have dimples where knuckles will someday grow. To update, Jack Henry at age 3 (and 75th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for height) still has dimply-knuckle areas. Yay.


Ebates is totally working, friends! If you aren’t using this and you shop online at all, you should totally sign up. It’s so very simple: after you’ve signed up (which takes 2 minutes), you go to their website before you go to the site at which you want to shop. Click on the link from the ebates site to get to your shopping site (1200+ sites participate), and start shopping. You can even use other coupon codes for free shipping, etc at the site like you normally would. Then, a couple of days later, ebates credits your ebates account with whatever percentage cashback that site offered (from 1-15%…no joke, I just earned 11.5% back on Snapfish purchases). And you get paid quarterly via check or deposit in your Paypal account.

Do so here. I’ll get $5 when you sign up and then make a $25 purchase through ebates. And then you can do the same for your family and friends!


In regards to how school is going for the boys: overall, really well. I think I can say that we’ve successfully transferred to the new school with no “I-wish-I-was-at-the-old-school” feelings anymore. Such a relief.

However, I will say that the small amount of homework that Luke has each night has started to be a problem. In that he never wants to do it. Starting today, in lieu of me yelling my brains out or just flat-out losing my mind, I typed up a list of rules for after school. I didn’t want to go there, but I had to. It goes like this:
1. Wash your hands.
2. Empty folder and lunchbox.
3. Have a snack.
4. Do all homework, including daily math facts.
5. Playtime – outside, Wii, toys, whatever.

I’ve told him that for now, and until I see a major change in attitude, there will be absolutely no deviating from the list unless he has an after-school meeting. We’ll see how this goes…


All for now. Must sleep.

5 responses to “Recapping.

  1. I had dimples for knuckles until i was in high school – seriously – my sister use to make so much fun of me because i didn’t have knuckles!! so don’t worry – they MIGHT be around for a little while!!

  2. we had the same homework problem w/ kenny. we’ve finally got it figured out. he comes home from school, plays dsi for 20 minutes and then does homework. now there are no more tears or tantrums about doing homework.

  3. Don’t those daily math facts SUCK….ugh. Just sayin……

  4. Actually, I have found with a written checklist (that can be physically checked off), Paige is totally motivated. I see this working great. AND…btw this is totally our routine after school. Also, that “little” homework is getting more involved and takes more concentration=frustration=doesn’t want to do it.

  5. We instituted a similar policy in that we do homework as soon as sloan comes home. I’ve noticed a WORLD of difference in his attitude. Poor kid usually has a minimum of 30 mins of homework due to his russian school and regular school but if we knock it out right away he usually has a great attitude and he gets the rest of the day off. Hopefully you notice a difference too! Good luck!

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