A Good Way to Start the Day.

Jack Henry’s such a smooth talker already at 3 – waaay ahead of his brothers despite their age difference.

For instance: this morning, as I was loading him into the van to take the boys to school, he said to me, out of nowhere, “You’re pretty.” His brothers busted up laughing, almost embarrassed-like, but I kissed him and said thank you. And told the older two that they could learn something from their little brother.

It’s worthy of noting that I’m not looking my best today, but my little guy doesn’t see that. 🙂 It’s a work day around here – you’d not believe the amount of laundry I let pile up, and I purposely don’t get ready on days when I just need to buckle down and work, so I’m not tempted to leave the house and shop or something. So to hear that I’m pretty on a day that I’m really not feelin’ it? Life is good.

Now, I’m going to go give Jack a squeeze and start sorting through Mt. DirtyClothes.

5 responses to “A Good Way to Start the Day.

  1. It’s amazing how far a little schmoozing will go!! A smart little guy for sure!!

  2. Awww JH! He’s a sweetie 🙂 Good Luck on the laundry!

  3. Gretchen Morrison told me when Cooper was first born that there is nothing more wonderful than a little boy if for no other reason than the days that little boy will tell you how pretty he thinks you are. Having experienced that myself (and on days where yoga pants and a pony tail reign) I have to agree! Boys are the BEST!

  4. Love that….Will does that to me alot. It is so sweet and sincere.

  5. Cole told me a picture was pretty “like you, Mommy.” They’re smart, these 3rd children.

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