His Theology is a Bit Off

And I quote (Jack Henry, that is):

“God wants us to build a really big boat and put animals on the boat. And then hop out when it stops floating.”

I replied, “Are WE supposed to do this?”

Jack Henry: “No, Jesus did.”

Bennett, who couldn’t take the nonsense anymore said, “No, he didn’t Jack. Noah did.”

Jack: “Really?”


A couple of weeks ago, Nana Jo came for an overnight visit, which we all love. I needed to get something at Hobby Lobby, so she, Jack Henry and I went together. We couldn’t help walking the Christmas aisles, looking at ornaments and such.

Out of curiosity (since we haven’t really talked much about Christmas around our house yet this year), I asked Jack, “What is Christmas all about?”

“Santa!” was his quick answer.

“Yes, Santa is fun and part of Christmas,” I said, “but Christmas is really about a special baby. What baby was born on Christmas?”

“Baby Santa?”

Um, no. I’m getting out our kids’ nativity this week. I think we need the extra reminder.

7 responses to “His Theology is a Bit Off

  1. I always think the boys’ verbal quips are a hoot, but being there in person for the “Baby Santa” answer was even more hilarious!

  2. I love him! And I love that Bennett reached his limit and had to try to put that all back on track!! šŸ˜€

  3. too funny! i love this age as they try and put everything together in their little minds and have it make sense.

  4. and you just reminded me of something i need to add to my post today about adali trying to make the whole baby jesus/church thing work in her mind! thank you. šŸ™‚

  5. BABY SANTA!? How does he come UP with this stuff!!!!!? Classic!

  6. I’m visiting from SITS and had to comment because this is too cute! Thanks for making me chuckle!

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