Love Letters

So “they” say that one of the secrets to a happy marriage is to never stop dating one another. If your dating years were anything like ours, that means that there were love letters involved. (Don’t worry; I’m not sharing any of them. Frankly, I don’t know if we still have them, and even if we did, I’m not sure I’d want to read all that mush.) Occasionally, one of us writes the other a nice note of appreciation, and it gets kept for a while.

For instance, at our first house, I worked really hard the first fall to plant a bunch of tulips. We came home from work every night to find that the chipmunks and squirrels had been digging up the bulbs and taking them/eating them. I was discouraged and frustrated, so one night, Matt brought home a small bouquet with a card that read, “I love you. Our squirrels won’t eat these flowers.” That card stayed on our fridge for years.

Last week, he wrote me a nice note at the end of a long evening of laundry-folding (I generally save it for Tuesday nights when I watch a lot of TV). He left it in the bathroom on the counter so I’d see it before bed. Here’s what it said:


Thank you for doing all of the laundry for our family. And cooking. And getting the boys ready for school. And everything else, too.

Your thankful husband

Sweet, right? I left it there on the counter, and the next night, as the boys were getting ready to shower, they spotted it. Luke was like, “What is this? A note from Dad?” He read it aloud, which prompted Bennett to say something like, “Why did he write that down? Couldn’t he have just told you that?”

Luke blurted out, “And why did he start all of his sentences with ‘and’? That’s not right, you know. You never start a sentence with ‘and.’ Weird. Doesn’t he know that?”

I explained that he was just being conversational, and he wrote it down instead of just telling me so that it was more like a real thank you note. They were still puzzled so I just dropped it. Last time I leave a note sitting out for them to see!


I left Matt a love note this weekend in his car, too, which I drove while he had the boys in Effingham all weekend long (glorious, I tell you). Here’s what it says:

the note should have read, "i used all of your quarters on sonic cherry coke."


5 responses to “Love Letters

  1. I think the notes are really sweet & mean a lot, mainly cause they’re left at unpredictable times! (Matt sure didn’t get that sentimental gene from his dad!)

    Have you read the little book The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright? I did recently & loved it!

  2. Hilarious! And Sweet.

  3. Love your note to Matt!! Too funny!!
    Very nice that you leave each other notes and the boys reaction to finding the one in the bathroom was very cute!

  4. I love this and try to do this with Brian too. It is few and far between but every so often he will fine a little note in his lunch box. It does feel like we are dating and that is very important. Thank you for the reminder:)

  5. You guys are so sweet. (My kids would’ve been the same way – critiquing the writing style)

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