Service Projects

Our small group has decided to spend the month of December doing some service projects instead of our regular Bible study meeting, so we’ve all been searching for ideas. I’ve also been thinking about something tangible that we can do with the boys to help them see that there are lots of ways to give back.

I showed them the short BeadforLife video this week, so that they could get a real look at poverty, even though it was brief. I think it definitely left an impression on them, especially in regards to our Compassion-sponsored child, Jeremy, and the kind of area he probably lives in.

Our plans so far this Christmas season will include picking an ornament from a tree at church, where we can purchase items for those in need right in our own church community, and we’ll also be donating some used toys and puzzles to a local charity. But I want to do more than that.

I think that our family project (and maybe, our small group project) will be making fleece no-sew blankets for a local charity – Ronald McDonald House, maybe, or a shelter for women and children. It’s something that the boys can definitely help with, as tying a knot is something they are especially gifted at given the condition of their shoelaces. I think that they can also appreciate how nice it is to have a blanket of your very own.

I’d love to know what kinds of things you’re doing with your family to teach your children about having a generous spirit. Do you buy items through Samaritan’s Purse? Sponsor a family in need through your church or school? Volunteer through a local organization? Fill me in!


And now, for a sneak peek at the Advent calendar I made! More in the coming days regarding actual plans for Advent…

4 responses to “Service Projects

  1. We are sponsering a family again this year that is currently living in a shelter, just donated toys to the school’s toy drive, and hope to do something my group of friends did last year: buy tube socks and stuff one sock in the toe of the other. Then, fill the sock with non parishable snacks like cracker packs, granola bars and dried fruit. Then one person dropped them off at our local homeless shelter as people gathered in the morning as they headed out for the day. We did an assembly line to put them together and I really think the kids would enjoy this project – and going with to drop them off would be extremely eye-opening.

  2. Service organizations in your community are likely delivering Thanksgiving dinners to the elderly or infirmed. (I don’t think Meals on Wheels runs that day).

    My wife and daughter have done this in Effingham in the past and had a wonderful experience.

    It’s something you could do with the boys, and would likely brighten the day of the meal recipient to have three smiling young men in their house.

  3. We are going to have a Christmas party for the kids this year. They are each inviting five friends (I’ve GOT to get on the ball and make up the invites) and we are going to ask everyone to bring new, unwrapped toys for children in need. We’ll have cake, read the story of Christ’s birth and then later take the kids to drop the gifts off. We just need to find an organization to take the toys to – I’m trying to figure that out. I’m hoping this will be a good way for the kids to not only help others during the holidays but also to reach out to friends that may not go to church. We’re encouraging them (mostly Sloan) to invite friends from school and not church friends. I’m interested to see how it goes.

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