Advent 2010 Plans

I am feeling way behind on getting this posted, but I hope that it can still be helpful to some of you as you plan for Advent. If nothing else, it’s a reminder for me about what we did this year!

First of all, I made us a new Advent calendar and I love it! I found inspiration for it online, so I reworked the idea to look like my style and to be useable for years. The result is cute and now available in my etsy shop!

The envelopes will hold little clues about a special gift for the day or a Bible verse.


I’m doing many of the same things I did last year.

Here are a couple of the days’ clues (and I purposely did not write out the Bible verse, so that Luke can practice looking it up):

*We are called to take care of the poor and those in need. Let’s read Proverbs 3:27 for a reminder, and then we’ll work on making the blankets after school today.

*Tonight’s the night…our favorite! Chex Mix, pjs, Christmas music, and Christmas lights! Look at John 9:5 for another verse about being the light of the world.

*Giving to others should bring us joy. Let’s read Luke 18:22 for a reminder from Jesus, and then I have something neat to show you on the computer about a way that we can help a family far away who lives in poverty. (We’re going to pick something out on Samaritan’s Purse to donate.)

*What is your favorite Christmas memory? Share it with the family.

*One of my favorite Christmas traditions was baking cookies with my mom. Let’s decorate ours today!

So there you have it…we’re starting ours on December 1st.

10 responses to “Advent 2010 Plans

  1. I just can’t believe all the neat things you do for your family!! It looks great, and I’m sure this will always be a neat memory for the boys. You & Matt do such a good job of teaching them to give to others & to know the real meaning behind Christmas!

  2. love it – it turned out great!

  3. Fun Nicole, that is so cute! I have an Advent Calendar from years ago that I use every year. We adopted a child from our local elementary school that we’ll be shopping for this Christmas and our church participates in the Advent Conspiracy. Through that we buy things for an orphanage in Africa. All the kids there are from families from parents who have died of AIDS. Our church went on a mission trip there this summer and we are trying to adopt as many kids there as we can to support financially. It’s a pretty cool thing!

  4. soooo crafty you are miss nicole! very, very cute! i’m excited to do the advent calendar with adali this year.

  5. i agree with Jamie–you won the award for Craftiest Mom of the Year! So cute! Love it.

  6. I’m very jealous….I’m going to have to do this next year. I will not have the time to get it done this year. I agree w/ Nana Jo – You seem to be doing such a great job at raising your boys – You have fun but you teach them about sooooo much. Very inspiring!

  7. It IS inspiring. Very. We have advent calendars with chocolate in them this year. *sigh*

  8. I went out and got supplies last night to make my own! Thanks so much for the idea! SO much better than a piece of chocolate out of a paper house, however, somehow I remember liking that waxy chocolate as a kid. Thanks again! Love your ideas!

  9. So now I am on your blog b/c I saw this on FB! Love this idea waaaay better than the chocolate calender that we do every year! I hope Jackson likes it too! You are becoming quite crafty Nicole!

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