Thanksgiving Weekend/Decorating the Tree Picture Dump

It’s all I have time for right now. Decorating the house is fun and all, but it’s a lot of work! I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed (but also very excited) decorating the house this year, since it’s new and I don’t have that “oh, that’s what I did last year” to fall back on!

So last weekend was really fun…a great time with my two adorable nieces and all of our brothers and sisters and in-laws and parents. Except, the Z Pals clan was missing due to sickness, which was a total bummer.

Here are a few pics!

3 responses to “Thanksgiving Weekend/Decorating the Tree Picture Dump

  1. * JH did about as good a job as I did this year.
    * Even in the pictures from behind, you can tell he is smiling!
    * Calla & Ashlyn are super duper cute!
    * Those cookies are making me hungry.
    * And you look great as usual.

  2. Love the “picture dump”! Love JH’s first time to put the star up–I’m sure he was way excited!! He is just a corker–from his cookie decorating to the fake smile stage he’s in during a group pose! And those 2 little baby girls–yummeeee!

  3. Why am I teary eyed? Getting to do the star at the top is such a special job here, too. Seeing JH so tickled to do it is the BEST! PS: I hope the way you have decorated this year is how you like it, because if your kids are like mine, they are NOT open to change in following years. “BUT MOOOM, we ALWAYS do it this way”

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