I Heart Shutterfly

When I heard that Shutterfly was doing a blog promo, I had to jump onboard…I LOVE Shutterfly! I print all of my 4×6’s from their site, because they have my favorite feature of any online photo site: on the back of the picture, the date it was taken is printed! Not the date you uploaded them from the camera to your computer or the day that you uploaded to Shutterfly, but the date taken. Because I am so OCD about my pictures being in order in albums, this feature rocks my world!

My other favorite things about Shutterfly (which they aren’t asking me to say: I just genuinely like this site!):
*prepaid 4×6 print plans make prints cheaper
*they are on ebates
*you can always find coupon codes to save on shipping, and you can use more than one code at a time!

I made this card last spring during a Shutterfly promo, using a picture that my friend Sonya had taken for us. Isn’t it fun?

Cheerful Stripes Thank You 5×7 folded card
Unique party invitations and announcements by Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.

And I made this one for Matt for Father’s Day:

Tied To Dad Father’s Day 5×7 folded card
Unique party invitations and greeting cards by Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.

If you have a blog and want to receive $25 credit to Shutterfly, follow the easy steps posted here.

4 responses to “I Heart Shutterfly

  1. I’m not familiar with Shutterfly but now I’ll have to check them out!

  2. Oh fun! I love Shutterfly! Can’t wait to snag this deal. I’m having trouble getting the images of my projects to embed. I will have to wait until nap time so I can concentrate for more than one minute!


  3. Love the two cards 🙂 Um, I think it’s time for me to check out ebates b/c I heart shutterfly, also. And, I know you’ve mentioned ebates numerous times, I’ve just never taken the time to look into it. I’m going to be very mad, I’m sure, when I realize how much money I could have had over the last couple months of xmas shopping online.

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