It’s Survey Time!

OK, lots of polls…play along, por favor!

This first one is on my mind today…

Just out of curiosity…

this next question is from Jill

16 responses to “It’s Survey Time!

  1. i saw that poll on Jill’s site too and thought it was a good/interesting question!!
    i sometimes wish you could see who is reading my blog – my niece told me the other day that she had someone come in to get their hair cut and they told her that they read my blog…. i was holy cow… people actually read my blog besides, sandy, nicole, jamie and my mom! 🙂

  2. LOVE these questions! I’ll be interested to see the results of the second one…..just out of curiosity myself 🙂

  3. The Christmas letter thing . . . I’m fairly neutral. Some I love and some I don’t. SO I didn’t vote.

    And it was fun being able to vote that we had met in real life. 🙂

  4. interesting, very interesting!

  5. You know how I feel about Christmas letters, but I’ll post it anyway. If a card doesn’t contain at least one of the following–a letter, a decent hand-written note on the card (more than just “See you soon” or the like), or a photo–I don’t see any point in sending it. I ALWAYS enjoy getting the group letters (& believe it or not, still receive a few individual letters!), no matter how they sound; to me, it’s way better than nothing. (I’ve read a few really, really horribly obnoxious ones that friends have received, but I’ve never personally received a bad one.)

    • I agree with Nana Jo – Huge pet peeve – absoultely NOTHING personal on the card – just a card in the envelope – the least they could do is sign Merry Christmas! (I also hate wedding thank yous that don’t have a written message…… my husband heres me “go off” each time I get one.) 🙂

  6. I agree with Jo. I think its a waste of a stamp to recieve a card with just a signature inside. I enjoy reading the letters no matter what they are like. In fact, I love going to my mom’s and reading Jo’s letter. I just feel that with Facebook, my letter isn’t really anything new–but I still write it.

  7. Thanks, Jackie–my kids catch up w/ your whole family by reading your mom’s letter at my house too! (Once again, your mom’s card was our 1st this year–got it a few days ago!)

  8. We don’t send one, but I love reading the letters! Especially yours, Jackie, always entertaining!

  9. sharon Aldridge

    I love reading the letters in Christmas cards. We haven’t sent cards out in like 10 years! Will do it this year IF I can talk Sam into writing a “letter”. If you don’t get one, it’s his fault.
    Loved the survey!

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