It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Right? Right?

It really is. I LOVE Advent and Christmas and preparation and baking and all of that stuff. But annoyingly, the laundry and need for regular meals does not go away to allow for more time to do the fun things.

So today is a catch-up day of all the laundry I can get done, a trip to Sam’s since we’re one meal away from being out of milk (and a Sam’s Club pizza for dinner sounds like a great idea), and doing a couple of projects with the boys. Oh, and homework, and they all need baths/showers tonight (though, hooray for winter, when I let them shower every other day), and…Well, you know. Blogging is coming in at number 73 on the list of importance, well after things like getting Christmas cards ready and reading craft blogs.

In lieu of actual thought, today I’m sharing this note that Luke wrote, completely of his own accord, for his teacher for Christmas to go with the gift we got her. Isn’t it so sweet? Also, note that the XXX at the beginning isn’t a reference to a dirty movie; it’s how 2nd graders are taught to indent at the beginning of a paragraph during this learning stage – she’ll be so proud to see that on a note he wrote himself 🙂

6 responses to “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Right? Right?

  1. As a teacher, I would keep this forever! So sweet and genuine.

  2. I teach high school kids and would still love a note like this!

  3. I was thinking the EXACT same thing as Renee! When I taught/counseled h.s., I’d have forgiven a multitude of sins for a personal, unsolicited note like this! This was so sweet of Luke! ♥

  4. *heart melting* way to go, luke!

  5. That’s when the teacher sighs and thinks, “that makes it all worth while.”

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