So I Don’t Forget…

…I’m writing down a few of my favorite things about the boys.

But first of all, thanks for the ideas yesterday! I want the boys to have an outlet for their energy, and wrestling is ok as long as they don’t take it too far, and they do it an appropriate time (meaning, the issue isn’t obedience).

1. Jack Henry refuses to call his toenails by that name; they are, instead, footnails. And there is no changing his mind.

2. On the way to Effingham last weekend for Thanksgiving, the boys were talking about how they’ll someday come visit us on the holidays. Bennett said, “You’ll be, like, SIXTY!” We were then discussing their future wives and what they might look like; both older boys chose blue eyes, and Bennett said blonde hair, but Luke said “blonde and brown hair,” which I know is referring to mine, because that’s still how he draws it in pictures! Awwww….

Moving on from physical attributes, I said, jokingly, of course, “Do you want her to be smart or dumb?” (SIDENOTE: I don’t let them say “dumb” about someone – why in the world did I say that???) Jack Henry, who had not been paying a lick of attention to the conversation, blurted out “DUMB!” We all died laughing, and Bennett, through his laughter, said, “HaHA! Jack’s gonna have a dumb wife!” I was crying it was so funny. And I’m hoping that line gets forgotten between now and the time Jack’s wife enters our lives, because otherwise, she’s going to get a complex.

3. When getting ready to put up the tree, the star for the top was sitting out and Jack Henry used it to smack Luke’s head while Luke and Bennett were doing flashcards, and drew blood. True story. Christmas is so much fun, isn’t it?

4. I love how God kind of evens things out in people. Or, he at least encourages us to find the silver lining. For instance, Bennett tends to require more redirection of behavior than others, which I don’t love, of course, BUT, he is absolutely the easiest kid to feed. He’ll eat almost anything, and virtually never complains about what we’re having for dinner, unlike his brothers, who nearly never like what’s being served. It’s nice.

5. Favorite question asked in the last few weeks, by Bennett: “Mom, do you know anyone who has gone to juvie?”

6. Anytime I print something and Jack Henry is close enough to hear the printer working, he stops what he’s doing and comes over to wait for it, so that he can hand it to me. Nevermind that I, of course, am sitting right there the whole time.

7. Luke is about to lose another tooth, and if it doesn’t come out soon, the new one is going to grow right over the top of it. And I can’t convince him to just wiggle it out…driving me crazy. Every tooth has been like this with him.

8. All of my kids have gone through the “my eyes are closed so YOU must not be able to see ME” stage. Jack Henry seems to be taking it a bit more seriously than the other two, though. He hides under his sheets at least 4 times a day, thinking I can’t see him. He closes his eyes at the table, thinking he’s invisible. But the best one happened today. He used the bathroom, and needed me to wipe, so he called for me. And when I got there – yep, you guessed it, eyes closed, smiling, convinced I couldn’t see him. Love it.

5 responses to “So I Don’t Forget…

  1. My favorite is #5….what brought that on? Made me laugh out loud! I love your boys…

  2. You are SO smart to blog about these gems!! Like Ginger, my fav is #5–oh, how I can just hear him ask this!! (You could tell him that his former h.s. guidance counselor Nana could give him a L-O-N-G list!! :))

  3. laughing with tears, man, laughing with tears!

  4. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I am typing from my living room floor because I can’t get up, I’m laughing that hard! This is the best post EVER! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Kids say some hilarious stuff.

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