One of the greatest things about having this blog, for me, is the ability to look back at old posts. Especially the birthday ones. Here’s seven, six, and five for Luke Duke.

Luke announced days ago that his 8th birthday was going to “pretty much be the best day of my life.” This was because he was Bee of the Week at school (student of the week), and on his birthday, his class was putting on a short musical of “The Gingerbread Man,” which I got to come see. Plus, we’d get to do our regular birthday stuff around here, which consists of dinner at the place of his choice, dessert at home and presents.

About the presents: this morning he asked me how many he was getting. I told him 2, and that they went together. This totally threw him for a loop. When he got home from school today, I asked him if he had any idea, and I could tell he’d been thinking about it all day!

Well, we were about to really shake things up. Because we got him a Nintendo DSi! He’d been asking for it for about a year. We just don’t do gifts that big ever, so for a long time we talked to him about us giving him part of the money for it as a birthday gift, and him needing to save up the rest. Then that conversation fell aside when the toy catalogs showed up and there were lots of other cool things to dream about. He still expressed a desire for one, but I think that he knew saving enough was going to be really hard.

And then, out of nowhere, Matt just decided he wanted to get it for him. So when he first opened the protective Nerf case for it tonight, he wasn’t totally sure what it was until he saw the DS logo in the corner, and THEN he was pumped.

It was really fun to be part of a good surprise like that 🙂

Luke, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster of a year for all of us, but I feel like for you in particular. So many changes, with the new house and a new school. And thankfully, you’ve taken it all in stride. You’ve made great friends, and you seem to be doing really well at school…your teacher says that after the first couple of days, no one would have ever known that you were new to the school. And that’s truly a testament to who you are. Resilient. Friendly. Driven. Creative.

I’m so happy and relieved that I can sit here at the end of this year and still say those things about you! Not that I was really worried, but you just never know what kind of impact a major life change can have on a kid. You’ve done well.

Here are some pictures from your “best day ever.” It should be noted that Jack Henry was the photographer for gift-opening time, as I was recording on the Flip. You’ll see soon what I mean.


8 responses to “Eight.

  1. Happy Birthday to Luke. You’ll have to tell me how it goes having a DSi in your house. You’re my guinea pig. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday to Luke – glad he had the Best Day Ever! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Luke! My 5 year old is currently dreaming of being 8. It must be totally awesome!

  4. Happy Birthday, Luke! We’ve NEVER done a big gift like that for a birthday either, until this year. And,like you, it was also the big male of the house talking me into that one.

  5. happy birthday luke! it looks like he had a great one.

  6. I can’t believe he’s 8; that just seems so . . . not a little boy!!! 😦 He’s such a cool kid!!!! Love all the pics–JH did alright! I can just imagine his excitement over the DS–would love to have been there to see him when the realization hit that that’s what it was!

  7. Happy Birthday Luke Duke! Sorry we didn’t call you on your bday! Can’t wait to spend Christmas with you guys!

  8. Great post! And I have to say photography may be in JH’s future! 🙂 Luke is truly a happy 8 year old!

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