1. Early bedtimes. Fabulous idea for consequences for bad behavior. Bad behavior like punching your brother because he beat you at a Wii game. A Wii privilege which was given back a day early for good behavior after a week-long grounding. Bad behavior that results in a letter that read, “I am sare that I punchd you luke Love Bennett.” But back to the early bedtimes: they’re like the gift that keeps on giving, all through those hours that your kids should have still been awake.

2. Jack Henry has apparently decided he’s a writer. He wrote Luke’s name as a “gift” to him for his birthday, and then he’s churned out a couple of copies of his own name this week much better than any other time we’ve practiced it. He also traces his hand on his own and draws funny faces/people. And he always circles everything he writes/draws as a finishing touch, which cracks me up. Pictures to come.

3. True story: Papa Ron sent Luke a birthday email that said:

hope you are having fun…..let me know sometime the best part about your birthday…….If you didn’t know there is a new Cub player next year, Carlos Pena, a first baseman who came from Tampa Bay.
love you….Papa Ron

Luke’s response, typed completely on his own:

Dear Papa Ron,
My best part of my birthday was getting a DSI.Hope to see you soon!
Your grandson,
P.S.Who cares about the Cubs.

This may be my greatest parenting accomplishment to date.

4. I am busy with a new little crafty project that I can’t wait to make more of! Will share soon.

5. I totally forgot what I was going to say.

6. We made Christmas cookies, and the boys decorated them with me on Saturday. Well, they decorated a small amount for each of them to eat themselves, since I’m not too hip on sharing their germs with other people. Each kid has a container with his own cookies inside. Here are some pictures:

7. Watch for a post from Luke, coming over the Christmas break. He’s going to share a science project that you can do at home with your kids (he was scientist of the week this week, and this was the project that he shared with his class). In the meantime, be sure you have some vinegar, baking soda, and raisins on hand.

8. I used a deep conditioner on Wednesday that I’ve used before, and I’m guessing I just didn’t rinse my hair well enough, because holy cow my head looked greasy all day. So my apologies if you saw me and thought, “Why doesn’t that girl shower?” I do. Swear. Though, I haven’t today (this was written on Thursday, though published Friday), and I’m just wearing a ball cap to cover the greasiness.

9. New stuff at Three More Bites:
Hot Cocoa Mix + Homemade Marshmallows
Cocktail Mixer (great hostess gift!)

5 responses to “Miscellany.

  1. I LOVED the e-mail exhange b/w Ron & Luke when I saw it here at home! Good come-back, Luke!

    And I absolutely LOVE JH’s puddle of yellow sprinkles on his blue tree!!! šŸ™‚

  2. OMGosh! Love Luke’s email. That’s great!

    How do you get your kids to STAY in bed for the punishment? Mine just keep getting up & whine a bunch.

  3. Number 3: Hahahahaha! Amen, Luke!
    Number 5: The story of my life.
    Number 9: These look awesome. Way to go!

  4. As a general rule, posts by any blogger titled “Miscellany” are my favorites. Love the glimpse into your everyday.

  5. HAHAHA! I didn’t mind that Luke was a cards fan, but now he’s a cards fan with attitude. I may have to speak to him…

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