Yesterday, By the Numbers

24 – hours (by noon) that Luke had been on eyedrops for pinkeye, and thus was no longer contagious

2 – dentist appointments for the boys

0 – cavities 🙂

4 – number of weeks the dentist gave Luke to wiggle out the teeth that are loose before he’ll need to pull them (permanent teeth are about to grow over the top of the baby teeth. Ew.)

$9.73 – cost for a meal for me+kids at McAlister’s last night (2 kids meals/adult free on Tuesday nights!)

2225 – approximate number of days we’ve owned the van and not gotten someone’s hand smashed in the sliding (non-automatic) door. That streak ended yesterday, when Bennett accidentally shut the door on Jack Henry’s hand after dinner. Thankfully, not his fingers, or I think there would have been more of an injury. Just a bruise today in the middle of his hand.

4 – presents wrapped (and only about 3 to go!)

15 (at least) – number of times I quoted “Frosty the Snowman” word-for-word while watching it with the kids last night. I puffy heart love that movie. This is probably also the number of times my kids rolled their eyes at me.

45 – number of minutes my finger bled last night after slicing it open inside the dryer.

6 – number of curse words muttered under my breath, in case kids were still awake, when I cut my finger

3 – number of times I wondered if I needed stitches

6 – loads of laundry eventually finished

16×20 – the size of my new Christmas subway print that I’m absolutely in love with (though, that busted frame and the mantle is not its permanent home…it’s just there since Christmas is almost over). Thanks to Lindsey for converting the file for me! You can find it here in PDF.

not counted – number of cookies eaten

6 responses to “Yesterday, By the Numbers

  1. Love this post! (In spite of your bleeding incident, which was pretty major! 😦 ) The subway print is so cool–& so are your PEACE letters for stocking hangers! It’s been too long since I’ve been to your house at Christmas time!

    Sounds like maybe the pinkeye won’t spread to the rest of the family!

    Getting my hand shut in a car door was the 1st injury I remember as a little girl! I still have a small scar! Glad JH wasn’t really hurt.

  2. Loved this post.. especially the last one that is unnumbered. That is the worst part about being a teacher- I can’t go past all of the goodies brought to the office without giving in. Plus our kitchen has so many goodies right now, gah! I need a gym membership pronto. Where did you end up printing that print to? It looks great!

    • I used my $25 Shutterfly credit, and it’s a matte finish. I just paid shipping (well, I had actually buy something else to make the total $25 before tax b/c with that credit, you have to have $25 to use it)!

  3. Thanks! Btw.. I am totally blog hopping while Connor naps and found this…

    Defintely love this look together! Maybe when we have more room in a different house I can pull off this look!

  4. That looks cool! And 😦 for JHs hand!

  5. puffy heart love? hilarious!

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