Year in Review

I’m going to do this a bit differently this year, and go by family member instead of just my general thoughts and hopes for the new year.

Jack Henry
-his speech became incredibly fluent, seemingly overnight. I am overwhelmingly thankful for this development, though I sometimes I have remind myself how much I wanted to hear his voice, because he doesn’t stop talking all day long. And any mom knows that sometimes you just need a moment’s peace.
-ate 2 whole tubes of baby toothpaste
-became addicted to CandyLand. We’ve played one game a day since about the middle of October, I think. And apparently, our CandyLand board has a bathroom, because the other day when we played, he stopped the game for his little game guy to pee and wash his hands in the bathroom (the Rainbow Trail). I’m so not joking.
-learned a million things he probably shouldn’t know, courtesy of his brothers and his slightly more-relaxed parents.
-is officially potty trained. Happy dance from the mama!!

batted left-handed at a baseball game
-started kindergarten and is doing really well
-got a bad black eye
-is a writer and a reader! It’s official. He read his first Magic Tree House book in early December (able to sound out the words well enough to get the gist of the book) and was SO proud of himself.
-continues to entertain the family with his, ahem, antics. Which also, occasionally, result in timeouts.
-learned to build with Legos by following the instructions

-lost 3 more teeth, for a total of 4 now.
-embraced his new school and made new friends. Beyond proud of him for his courage and positive attitude.
-pitched for the first time. His first pitch was a strike! He looked at me in the stands and smiled after every pitch…it was adorable. He won’t be pitching again this coming summer, because he’s doing one more summer of machine-pitch ball, but I am anticipating lots of pitching practice in the new year.
-showed this year that he’s really growing up. He’s much more helpful around the house than ever (of course, generally only when it’s his idea, but I’ll take it) and it’s cool to see him start to be just the tiniest bit independent. It’s also not cool, because that means that he’s getting older and closer to actually being independent.
-became officially obsessed with Legos and acquiring all of the City Police set, and accomplished that by Christmas
-finally learned to ride his bike now that we have a flat place to ride, and started using a skateboard

-conquered, to some degree, his fear of medical procedures. In a baptism-by-fire kinda way, but hey, he made it through all of the pericarditis stuff in Michigan and all of the follow-up here in STL and lived to tell about it.
-earned us a trip to Laguna Beach that we’ll never forget.
-started taking a more active role in coaching the boys’ baseball teams

-successfully hemmed pants in an emergency (that could have been prevented)
-discovered that I did, in fact, have a crafty person inside me who finally came out to play!
-got completely addicted to sweet tea
-settled into the new house/neighborhood/school with relative ease

I always love how fresh and shiny and new January feels. I’ve got lots of projects up my sleeve, including a massive basement storage reorganization project that I’m giving myself until February to complete. Look for me to start that around February 20th and then work like a madwoman to get it accomplished. I also had my mom’s old sewing machine delivered to my house by my dad, and he brought me his old treadmill, too, so there’s lots of work to be done on both of those. Including learning how to sew. Which will, I’m certain, be lots of fun and very easy for me, and will not involve any cursing or wishing I’d paid attention to my mother when she tried to teach me this 25 years ago.

Happy new year!

5 responses to “Year in Review

  1. Very fun to read! When I got to the part about you–and saw “hemmed pants”–I thought whaaat?? Had to click on it to see what necessitated sewing on your part! Then had to laugh!

    A very good year for your family–I’m sure 2011 will be just as eventful & fun!

  2. January is feeling fresh and new for us too, but for different reasons! We are so excited to be in St. Louis in just two weeks! I’m sure we’ll see you guys at EFREE one Sunday this month. 😀 YAY! Big hugs to you until then.

  3. I got the giggle fits this morning reading about the 2 tubes of toothpaste. What is it with kids eating toothpaste? LOL

  4. I’m open for lessons!
    Will work for wine!

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