Sickness: A Timeline.

*whine*Because this end of December/beginning of January feels hauntingly like the 2010 version, I wanted to record the illness that has been in this house so that NEXT January, I have something to reflect on.

Dec 19 – Luke has pinkeye; can’t go to school for 2 days because at the end of the day on the 20th, the second eye starts in with it
Dec 23 – Bennett starts running a fever; go to the doc since Christmas is coming so soon. L&B both put on antibiotics for their lingering (like 5 weeks or so) colds that she fears are actually sinus infections, and because Luke has an ear infection.
Dec 24 – everyone’s feeling much better!
Dec 26 – B has pinkeye
Dec 28-30 – Jack Henry is dealing with some, uh, stomach problems. Seems to feel fine, but had to eat the BRAT + yogurt diet to get everything back to normal.
Dec 30 – JH develops slight cough
Jan 1 – JH wakes with a fever, but acts fine all day, until late that night, when fever returns with a vengeance.
Jan 2 – JH and I miss the Illini basketball game due to him being miserably sick with fever. He starts to complain of a right ear ache. B goes to the game despite the return of a cough.
Jan 3 – JH wakes with a tiny bit of drainage from his right ear. Doc diagnosis an ear infection – only in the ear without a tube. Tubed ear is fine with no fluid. The infected ear, he says, on a scale of 1-10, is a 9. Super. B comes to the doc with us, because now he has a fever and CANNOT stop coughing. He is diagnosed with bronchitis and put on antibiotics.
Jan 4 – B is very much improved in 24 hours (proving it was a bacterial version of bronchitis). JH’s right eardrum apparently ruptures, as there is more drainage, but he now feels much better.
Jan 5 – JH’s left ear, the one with the tube, starts draining. Oh, and L wakes at 11pm coughing…

SO. Big scheme of things? This is all treatable. Nothing serious. Better than last year when Luke had undiagnosed walking pneumonia for a week. But I’m kinda getting to the “I’m going to lose my mind if one more person gets sick” stage.

And, to quote my friend Karen, “We’ve gone through so many kleenexes the past few weeks, I feel bad for Earth!” Jack Henry asks me, not joking, 30 times a day at least for a “kweenex.”


And now, for some cuteness to lighten up all that blah, I bring you Jack Henry, the reader, and one of his favorite books. There are about 5 that we read regularly right now, and this is one of them (this was recorded in November. Please disregard my no-makeup, crazy-hair look, and the fact that I appear to be wearing a men’s white tee, which I am not.). The video is long, I know.

6 responses to “Sickness: A Timeline.

  1. Ugh! Hopefully you won’t have to go through another “sick spell” like this again.

    I was thinking the same thing Matt said – love the fist gesture!

  2. First, the video–this has to be one of the very cutest ever!! I’m LOVING his ” . . . can’t do dat EDER!” & “Was I EVER MAD!” (in place of “I was SO MAD!”) every time!! I couldn’t quite hear his pronunciation of “juggling” (aka “egg trick”) in spite of listening 4 x’s!! Also loved Bennett’s facial expressions all through it.

    But back to the sicknesses . . . will it never end?! I can only imagine that all the schools/churches/etc. this time of year are giant petri dishes, just brewing every kind of virus & bacteria there is!

  3. it’s “gubbling” trick πŸ™‚

  4. I SWEAR I did not see this before I posted my latest post! We’re BFFs for a reason! πŸ™‚

    And that’s the cutest ever. He WAS ever mad! πŸ™‚ Oh, how you’ll love to have that to look back on. Hope everyone is getting TOTALLY better!

  5. Love, love, love the video. πŸ™‚ I pity the fool who ever faces the FIST!

  6. The video is the cutest thing ever. JH is adorable and I love how Bennett keeps smiling into the camera. Def. a keeper!

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