Toy Review 2010

Here’s our annual review of favorite Christmas gifts, so if you have little boys to buy gifts for, maybe this will be helpful to you! (Keep in mind the boys’ ages this year are: Luke, 8; Bennett, 5 1/2; Jack Henry, 3)

It’s pretty easy to look at what my boys got for Christmas and deduce one thing: Legos reigned supreme. Again.

For a long time now, both of the older boys have desperately wanted the Lego Police Headquarters (he got the slightly-older-but-almost-identical-for-less-money version). Seeing as how money burns a hole in Luke’s pocket, saving up for this wasn’t going to be easy (though, in his defense, he did try for quite a while, but his allowance is so little that I can’t say I blame him for giving up on it). My dad and siblings went in together on this gift for Luke for his birthday, and he was overjoyed! It took him several hours to put it together, but it’s done now. We’ll take it apart in a month or so and then he’ll rebuild it (we don’t just display them after building…they cost a ton, so they’d better get played with repeatedly, in my opinion!).

In addition to wanting the headquarters, they wanted the entire Lego City Police collection. Bennett received the police boat, and it was perfect for his age (though the top piece is hard to keep on). He was able to do it on his own with just a tiny bit of help, and it assembled easily. He also got a little police K9 unit, which was a good, quick build.

Lego also makes these 3-in-1 houses that I think are my personal favorites. We have two of them now: the Beach House, which Luke got a couple of years ago, and the Apple Tree house, which Bennett got for Christmas. It says ages 7-12, and really, it was a little bit too hard for him, though he did the vast majority of the work himself. He just got confused a few times and we had to backtrack a bit to get things right, which is frustrating for a perfectionist like he is.

Moving on from Legos.

-Jack Henry got this little dog carrier and food/water bowl from Ikea, and HE LOVES IT. And did you see the price? It’s a can’t miss.

-He also got a Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center and it’s fabulous. In fact, he’s writing more letters than ever, and he loves that he can erase it himself. My only complaint about this is that you MUST cap the markers all the way so that they click; Jack thinks he has them closed but doesn’t always, and we’ve dried out 2 markers in one day’s time this way.

-Luke got an electronics set (that is sold out on the site it came from) that he’s really enjoying. Similar to Snap Circuits but I thought that this set did a couple of things that would interest him more. In the future, he’ll probably want Snap Circuits, too, though, because he’s really enjoyed this.

-Bennett is all over the new books he got. He’s reading Magic Tree House books like crazy right now.

-Both older boys love Spy Gear and have several pieces of it now!

-Luke got a T-Rex Dino Dig, which is a big hunk of clay with plastic dino bones that have to be excavated. Please note that this is a messy toy, but it was so much fun for both him and Bennett! Luke says he’s going to make a museum in his room, and he has also added paleontologist to his list of potential careers. An adult is needed on occasion to help with this one, but it’s so much fun that he’s just spent some of his own money to buy the Triceratops. My only complaint is that the bones don’t snap together very well when you assemble the skeleton, and the wax isn’t all that helpful either, but we figured it out.

-Luke also got a RC Helicopter. This is something that’s been on his list for a while, but we’ve put it off because you charge it for 30 minutes, but only get 8 minutes or so of play after that. We felt like he was finally old enough to get that, and it’s been a fun toy for him. This was a gift from Matt’s parents for Luke’s birthday, but I picked it up for them at a mall kiosk, and I think it works as well as any, so no link to it…just go to your local large mall and deal with a kiosk guy.

-Luke got a DSi for his birthday, so for Christmas they got a couple of games that they’re loving: Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart, and Phineas and Ferb.

Ice Age 3 was something else that was a big hit! With all of the sick days we had after Christmas, it’s been watched many times. The kids can’t help but dance when this song comes on, and they cracked up when I started singing along, clueless that the song was from my childhood.

What would you add to the list?

6 responses to “Toy Review 2010

  1. I’m impressed Bennett is reading Magic Tree House books! Go Bennett.

    Legos never took off in my house & I’m not sure why. I sure loved them as a kid.

    How is the Phineas & Ferb game? I love those guys. 😉

  2. i keep forgetting to tell you…joe got a remote control helicopter for christmas too! haha! and i’m fairly sure he loves it as much as luke does.

  3. The biggest hits in our house this year were legos and pillow pets. The kids bring those pillow pets everywhere they go.

  4. boom boom akalakalaka boom boom boom aklaka boom boom Open the door get on the floor everybody walk the dinosaur 🙂 haha I did the same thing. My kids totally think I’m crazy.

  5. Really? Bennett can read Magic Tree House books? That’s amazing! Rich got a Doofenshmirtz t-shirt! 🙂 No lie!

    • He’s doing really well with them. He asks for help with words he doesn’t understand, and I have to help with making sure he’s comprehending some stuff, but for the most part, he reads them and gets the gist (plus, feels like a big kid…which is worth a lot)!

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