I’m Pretty Sure It’s a Real Condition.

I took Luke and Jack Henry to the doctor’s office this morning. Luke had his (belated) 8-year-check-up, his first with our new doctor, and Jack Henry was due for an ear recheck. More on that later.

While in the doctor’s office, I officially diagnosed Jack Henry with something I’ve been pretty sure for a while that he has. It’s called “Center of Attention Syndrome,” or CoAS for short. Some might also call it “Look at Me Syndrome,” which is an equally appropriate name for this disorder.

CoAS cannot go untreated, but I’m thinking that one has to parent carefully so as to not crush the spirit of a vivacious, happy child.

There have been signs for months: trying to get people’s attention when it’s someone else’s birthday party, for instance. Choosing, instead of immediately getting dressed, to put on a Darth Vader mask whilst otherwise naked, and watching for his mom’s reaction. (His mom reacted rather unfortunately. She inadvertantly fed the CoAS monster by cracking up laughing and telling him to go downstairs and show his dad. My bad.) He emcees the “Best Part/Worst Part” segment of dinner every night.

And today in the exam room, he could not stop talking to the doctor during Luke’s portion of the visit. About how big his muscles are, about how fast his little Matchbox car drives, about his favorite book, and did Dr. M know that he had tubes in his ears, etc. And I’d finally had enough and did that mean-mom-under-the-breath-whisper-that’s-really-a-quiet-yell. Do you know what I’m talking about? With the teeth gritted?

So yeah. That’s where we are. Suggestions gladly accepted. And you can leave out the part about how I need to stop laughing at him…I know, I know. It would help if he weren’t so stinkin’ funny.

Now, about the ears: gah. We’re being sent back to the ENT. His ear that lost a tube last spring is not healing from his ear infection (thus, another antibiotic), and there’s scarring and thickening on the eardrum because of his repeated infections. The pediatrician isn’t too worried right now, but he wants the ENT to weigh in on another set of tubes/adenoid removal. Just when Matt and I were daydreaming about this possibly being the year we don’t meet our insurance deductible…

2 responses to “I’m Pretty Sure It’s a Real Condition.

  1. LOL Oh JH! He’s so funny, I don’t know how you can Not laugh at all the stuff he does all the time!

  2. I concur w/ your “diagnosis” of CoAS–but I agree w/ Hayley–he’s such a corker–you just have to laugh! Fortunately, for your sanity, this “condition” is naturally outgrown, so just endure it until does–and laugh when necessary!

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