Love at First Sight?

I started this post approximately 17 1.5 years ago, and just found it sitting in my drafts. So here ya go.

Really, do you believe in it?

I ask because 2 summers ago, I was *slightly* obsessed with Matt White’s song from a couple of years ago called “Best Days” (click here to see the video…know that there is talk of being n@ked, as well as chain-smoking and drinking three bottles of red wine, none of which I condone, in this song {I much prefer white wine, and in much, much smaller quantities}, so if you don’t want your kids to hear it, make them leave the room!). I listened to it about a hundred times on my way to Chicago for Heidi’s bachelorette party. “Do you believe in love at first sight? I think you do…” Just seems like a good summertime song to me!

Anyway, I do think it exists. I think sometimes you just know.

But I won’t lie. I can’t say it was “love at first sight” with me and Matt. I thought he was really cute, and fun, and we had a great time together from the get-go, but when we first went out (even though we did really click!) I only planned on dating him for the remainder of the summer of 1995 and then going off to the U of I to meet boys and hopefully, my future husband. Obviously, that’s not how it worked out, wink wink.

So, take the poll, and then leave your comments…what do you think?

5 responses to “Love at First Sight?

  1. There certainly can be a physical attraction and infatuation but that’s not love. Love needs to grow over time and involve mental and emotional connection as well as having the hots for the guy!

  2. for the record…i really enjoy it when you drink 3 bottles of wine.

  3. I believe in it. In the sense that you can just know someone is for you when you meet them. I knew that with Lee. I knew the very first time I met him that I would marry him. I didn’t admit that to anyone because I was scared to death I would be wrong. Turns out he felt the same way about me. Maybe it wasn’t the mushy LOVE, but we both just knew and that was the birth of love. 🙂

  4. I was trying to figure out how to say what Kelli said! I agree w/ Peggy that it’s not really love at 1st sight/date, but I do think you can have that strong inuition and connection from the beginning.

  5. Absolutely. Joe and I met on eHarmony and during the correspondence phase of our dating I knew that God was setting us up for something special. I had prayed for someone just like him and after our first date I began praying that God would let me keep him forever.

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