I don’t use the word ‘repulsive’ lightly, but that is simply the only word that comes to mind after what I just watched on DVR.

Please keep in mind that I’ve watched episodes of “Infested” and I will confess to some E! Network viewing as well as whatever channel Tosh.0 is on. And this, by far, takes the cake for the sickest thing I’ve ever seen.

I’d only ever seen commercials for the TLC show “Toddlers and Tiaras,” so the other night I hit “record” on the DVR when I saw it was coming up next. Tonight, when the DVR messed up recording “Biggest Loser” for some reason, I watched this instead while I folded laundry. From the get-go, I was ready to throw up.

In this episode, which will be the only one I ever watch, they were in Oklahoma. There was a 15-month-old baby, and a 4 and a 5 year old, I believe. I’ve never seen such a disgusting example of parents putting their own desires and lost dreams onto their children as this.

The 15-month-old’s mom has THREE sons (none of whom were mentioned or shown). She was devastated to discover that each was a boy, because she wanted a daughter. Prayed for her, apparently, because she wants to raise a Miss America. She spray-tans that baby girl, and duct tapes her pageant clothes to her. She gives her “special juice” (aka soda) to give her energy instead of letting her nap. This mom is SOLELY focused on giving this baby everything she possibly can, so that she will be a beauty queen. She said she wasn’t sure what the baby would do if she didn’t win the pageant that was being filmed for this episode. ‘Scuse me? She’s 15 months old. Even a genius 15-month-old doesn’t have any concept of winning or losing. They care about food. And putting toys in their mouths. And sleep. And learning to walk without falling over.

I can’t even talk about the 4-year-old’s stepmom and pageant-winning 15-year-old stepsister. It was that bad.

The 5 year-old’s mom has her eyebrows waxed. Did you read that? The kid has a unibrow, and that just won’t do in the pageant world. Once, when she got waxed, the wax was too hot and it ripped off her skin. So now, according to her mom, she’s scared to have it done. You don’t say. This mom also compared her daughter to a movie star because she throws tantrums when it’s time to get her ready for a pageant by putting on fake eyelashes with a long tweezers.

I’m sorry, but where are the authorities? How is this even allowed?

And beyond the pain that these kids endure, how about the fact that some of these kids (not all of them) are being taught to act sexy when they’re toddlers? Let’s just take a second to hypothesize where THAT will take these girls. Sheesh. And all of them are being taught that physical beauty is the only way to “win.”

I would say I’m speechless, but clearly, I just let about 500 words spill out onto the page.

Have you ever seen this show? Care to comment?

11 responses to “Repulsive.

  1. You know that I’m addicted to some reality shows w/ no redeeming social value whatsoever, but even I DO NOT watch this show. I watched just a couple episodes (or parts of them) in the past, and I couldn’t have expressed my opinion any better than you just did! Just can’t watch it. And if I know that these baby/toddler pageant moms are the guests on any talk show, I can’t watch that either–just can’t stand to listen to them.

  2. I’ve seen it. Suffered through a few episodes. Its like watching a train wreck. Why are they all southern? I’ve got southern roots and I never witnessed anything remotely like that!

    ps.I thought for sure this post was about the knew My Sick Obsession commercial where the girl eats couch cushions. gag

  3. Nicole… I have caught this show from time to time and feel the same way – and like Robin – it is a like a train wreck I can’t turn away from when I do find it while channel surfing. The mom’s are “ATE UP” as my mom would say and have no concept of what they are doing to their kids – in my opinion. Have you noticed that most the mom’s are not really “lookers” themselves….. which leads me to beleive they are living vicariously through their daughters which is NOT FAIR to anyone in the situation.

    They need help and TLC needs to discontinue the show……. you should write them a letter or forward them this blog post!! 🙂

  4. never seen it, never plan to.

  5. oh my i’m glad i’m not the only one! the tv must have been on TLC from the night before and one afternoon i turned it on while i got some work done around the house and this show happened to be on. i had never watched it before so i thought i would see what it was like. 30 seconds in my jaw was on the floor. one kid was on her 3 red bull of the morning and the other was putting her fake teeth in. holy crap! red bull! fake teeth! it was like nothing i had ever seen before. i had to stop watching about 15 minutes in. i couldn’t take it anymore. oh…and the money these families spend to win a larger than life PLASTIC trophy…holy hell i need to stop. i feel my blood pressure getting too high.

  6. Wow. Haven’t ever seen it, but am as disgusted as you are. Those poor kids. I can understand helping and supporting a daughter who wants to be in fashion pageants, but forcing a baby? And taking such measures as hyping them up on energy drinks… ugh.

  7. I think I’ve only seen bits and pieces, but I’m just not interested in watching a child’s social/emotional development plummet. An early childhood educator’s worst nightmare.

  8. I have never and will never see one second of this show. Period. I think it is abuse and think that these parents belong in the same category as those who neglect and physically abuse. It’s everything a good parent shouldn’t be.

  9. The show is HORRENDOUS. I’m not a regular viewer but like you I’ve caught an episode or two between laundry. In addition to the horrible pain and behavior that these parents (I saw an episode where the Dad was in charge of it) put their children through..there is the expense. They spend thousands of dollars getting ready for a one day pageant where they can possibly walk away with enough prize money to cover 1/10 of the expense. The fact that so much money is spent to train their daughters to be brats is disgusting. What they pay for their 5 year olds dress could change an underpriviledged students life by paying for a semester at a Community College. Ok, I’ll stop now…but trust me…I could go on.

  10. I’m with you. I watched one episode and was so horrified at mom’s making their kids where false teeth to hide missing teeth that I vowed to never watch again. How many of those little girls will grow up to feel like their childhoods were stolen from them? It’s really quite sad.

    On another note – I happen to love Tosh.o. I would never publicly admit that, of course. 🙂

  11. I saw that commercial the other day when we were watching a house flipping show on TLC. The Mom sounded horrible and yeah, I’d say social services should be called. It’s terrible. ICK!

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