Success: Our whole-house humidifier works like a dream!
Failure: We remembered YESTERDAY to turn it on. After living in a nightmare of electric shocks and crazy static electricity hair (literally, I was smoothing a dryer sheet over my hair multiple times a day) and uber-dry skin, we thought to turn it on. Geniuses.

Success: Turning on Michael Jackson music makes playroom cleanup go so much faster for the boys. Must do this every time.
Failure: We just got rid of a bunch of toys; why oh why are there still so many of them??

Success: Accomplished a few things on the to-do list.
Failure: There are so many left on that list. Why haven’t I learned yet that I can’t accomplish much when I have a 3-year-old helper all day, and a 5-year-old helper for all but 3.5 hours of the day?

Success: I got up without hesitation on my first day of early-morning Bible reading!
Failure: none to go with this one.

Success: My children are watching the Illini/MSU basketball game, and cheering their little orange and blue hearts out. Which just melts mine.
Failure: Out-of-state tuition is going to break the bank for them or for us. Who wants our kids to live with them when they turn 18?

Success: Bennett is growing like a weed.
Failure: Dear Old Navy, could you please PLEASE have a sale on jeans soon? They’re the best fit for him, and on sale, they’re a great deal. In the meantime, we are getting by on hole-in-the-knee and almost-hole-in-the-knee hand-me-downs from Luke. Who literally just outgrew that size himself.

8 responses to “Success/Failure

  1. Since I’m apparently your linky friend today, jeans are on a great sale at Crazy 8s. They run big, fyi!

    • OOOOH! Thanks for the reminder about Crazy 8s! Luke has a pair from there (and yes, they do run big), but they’re holding up well, especially considering how little I paid for them! Thanks, linky friend!

  2. I hate paying crazy prices for jeans, too, and Connor isn’t even mobile yet!

    If you ever have great toys you plan to get rid of before a sale/donation, etc. Let me know! I would love to look through them beforehand and buy them for Connor.

  3. Hey! You have more +s than -s! That’s a great thing.

  4. Had no idea you have a whole house humidifier (actually didn’t know there was such a thing)!

    Are you reading a certain book in the Bible or different every day? Using any devotion guide?

    • I’m just starting with the book of Matthew and working my way through the New Testament.

      We actually had a whole-house humidifier at the old house, too, but it NEVER worked, despite us trying a couple of times to fix it. So we made sure this one was working before we signed off on the inspection!

  5. Hurrah for your success/non-failure! How’d it go today? I’m pretty convinced that this area of weakness in my life is contributing to much of the other times I feel like a failure. Way to go!

  6. Jeans from the Children’s Place or Levi’s work really well for Sean. All of his Levi’s have been hand me downs from my nephew and even after going through 2 very active boys, they are still hole free.
    Humidifiers are the best! A whole house one would be awesome! We run 2 every night, a cool mist and a warm mist, which probably cancel each other out but I still love them.

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