Silhouette Success!

So I’ve finally taken a bit of time to play with my new Silhouette. Honestly, it’s a little overwhelming, but still so fun to have. I’ve ordered vinyl from a couple of sources online since there isn’t really anywhere local to buy more than red, light blue, light pink, and tan (none of which I have any desire to own except the red). I have a few rolls of vinyl here now, and more on the way, with no less than 20 projects floating around in my head.

Here’s what I’ve done so far…

empty relish jar + quick silhouette project = cute personalized bathroom accessory!

after a few frustrating, failed attempts, i got this to work (the red heart on the glass is a cutout)

i wasn't sure they'd stick, but the white heart shapes are stickers...and stick well enough for a seasonal decoration like this.

And not a Silhouette project, but cute for Valentine’s day. Idea swiped from this blog. I have a different Valentine paper with a smaller print, and I’m going to change it to that when I get a chance because the letters don’t pop as much as I want them to.

isn't this cute? and so perfect for scrabble fans?

Up soon: making a copy of Katie’s wreath. Oh, and continuing to clean out the basement, which is going painfully slow but fine. Today I found some old photo albums. The Hair. And The Clothes. Oh my. If they weren’t so embarrassing I’d scan and post a few.

5 responses to “Silhouette Success!

  1. So clever & cute! You can make any future gifts for me. πŸ™‚ It’ll be fun to see upcoming projects!

  2. scan them ! scan them! scan them! πŸ™‚

  3. Wow – you are on a role! And a great idea to get more valentiney!

  4. Love. It. All. I definitely want to make the frame decor (did you use tiles you already had at home?) and I love the candle in the Valentine’s hearts. So cute.

    • I found a clearance frame at Hobby Lobby for $3 that was banged up and spray painted it white, and then I ordered the tiles on ebay ($7 for all) and then realized that I have a set here that I could have used. Oh well; I have another idea in mind for those tiles, and I’ll be on the lookout for Scrabble games when I’m at garage sales this year!

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