WFMW: Groupon Tip

Whew…I’m feeling super-rusty on Works For Me Wednesday. It’s been a long time! But, I have something to share so I’m back.

We’re becoming quite fond of Groupon. Tonight, for instance, we had a great meal that fed all five of us to stuffed for a whopping $7.14. Not joking. How’d we do it? $7 for a Moe’s Southwest Grill Groupon worth $15 + kids eat free on Tuesdays (which includes their drink and a cookie) = $0.14 owed at the restaurant. And it was good food, too!

But just using a Groupon isn’t my tip. Here it is:

Mark on your calendar (or, put it in your smartphone or whatever – my phone is not very smart, so that won’t work for me) when your Groupon expires. Because we all know that it doesn’t do you any good to buy a Groupon with the intention of saving a ton of money and then forgetting to use it.

For more tips, head back to the links at We are THAT Family!

6 responses to “WFMW: Groupon Tip

  1. How exactly does that work? I’ve looked at items on groupon but I feel a little wary when it says, “must include tip.” Who gets to decide how much tip should be? Me or the place I’m going? I know a lot of people love groupon…just not sure of the logistics…

    • You decide how much to tip, but as with any coupon/discount at a restaurant or spa, you should tip on the full amount of the value of what you received. Most groupons have very few restrictions (for restaurants, for instance, you usually can’t use them on a holiday like Valentine’s Day) and spend like cash. We’ve never had an issue with them not working as they should!

      The place we went last night is a fast-food type restaurant, so no tip was needed.

  2. Love Groupon!!! Also have been using livingsocial and youswoop–hopefully they are around in STL, too! 5 nights of boarding my dog for $49–typically $200!!! đŸ™‚

  3. I really enjoy reading your blog. This is my first time commenting so I hope I am doing it right. I know you are a fan of ebates, did you know it is supposed to work with Groupon?

  4. Groupon. Check.

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