Dear Internets, I Love You.

Commenters on the last post: THANK YOU!

I tried what I had at home, and there was a definite winner.

While a LOT of elbow grease and the vinegar/baking soda might have worked to some degree, it didn’t show a lot of promise. The hydrogen peroxide also didn’t do anything for the gray stains.

However, the hydrogen peroxide DID eat through a ton of that nasty mildew in the drain that I couldn’t reach! When I realized it was fizzing in the top rim of the drain, I splashed a bunch of it on the inside of the drain where I could, and let it sit for a minute, and then poured really hot water over it, and it was pretty clean! So thanks, Neeley!

And while no one could be fooled into thinking that this shower floor was new, what worked the best was Libby’s suggestion of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser + shampoo. Here’s the before, as a refresher, and a midway-through pic and an after:

Now, I will caution you not to do this on a surface that you really care about. The surface is definitely a little rougher after the scrubbing, and I have no doubt that I’ve further scratched the floor. But, given that it was hideous before, and we have no intention of doing any upgrades to it, I’m happy with the results. I’m sure that it will darken with time again, but at least I have a plan in place to get it back to a more-acceptable shade of white. Or, I could start mandating that people scrub their feet clean before getting in the shower. That might help it last longer. And someday, if we have the boys’ bathroom tub reglazed, maybe we can have something done to this, too.

Reason #2 that I heart the internet today is that Craiglist totally came through for me again! I posted two items to the free listings, and within 10 minutes had each of them claimed, and one has already been picked up. He even sent me a thank you email! And he took this giant chandelier off my hands that I had salvaged and thought about redoing, but in the end decided not to tackle.

Hooray, Al Gore. And thanks again, peeps. I feel like I should send you girls a prize or something.

4 responses to “Dear Internets, I Love You.

  1. YEAH!! I’m buying some magic erasers tomorrow!!

  2. ummmm i was looking for a giant chandelier to redo. 😦 glad something worked for you.

  3. Wow – had to catch up. Two words: Gel Gloss. It comes in a pink aerosol can and can be found at places like Home Depot. It also protects surfaces. it’s almost like car wax (wax on/wax off) and cleans/ protects. Try this too! My parents had their olive green ceramic tub re-painted and this is what they gave them to keep their new white one clean!

  4. I did bleach. Not the 10% solution. Straight up. I let it sit for a good 30 minutes to an hour and rinsed it off with hot water. It totally killed the mildew and knocked a bunch of dirty grime of. I tried all sorts of cleaners with a variety of sponges. No luck. Bleach worked for me.

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