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1. Don’t be too grossed out, but I have a cleaning problem that I need advice on…the bottom of our shower is gross. It’s supposed to be white but it’s kind of grey. It’s a slightly textured fiberglass material, and I feel like I’ve tried lots of cleaning sprays (and even let them sit for long periods of time) and nothing is getting it clean. Is it a lost cause? It’s probably 20 years old, and it looked like this when we moved in, but I’m hoping that there’s some miracle product I haven’t used yet that will work to whiten it up.

2. Even grosser: the shower drain. It’s never without a film of nasty pink mildew (and I do clean our shower pretty regularly, just so you don’t think we’re dirty). But, it’s impossible to access, except with a Qtip and I can barely clean anything with that. Posting a picture was too disgusting. Suggestions???

3. Moving on from gross stuff: there is a lot of space above my kitchen cabinets. Should I do some decorating up there? I don’t want to just fill the space with junk. Do people still decorate that space? I dunno. Help. Here’s a pic. With the messy countertops totally cropped out, and a picture taken at a bad time of day with sun blazing through that window.

Addendum: My only thought so far, if I put anything up there, is some colored glass bottles. Thoughts on that?

25 responses to “House Help!

  1. Just want to watch and see if there is a miracle to our shower! Ours is the same way, we put it in and I always thought it was nasty because of Matt’s Lawn Care business. Its been gone a couple years now and its still uncontrollably filthy. I’d love a good tip there too! Not sure what to say about the cabinets. Maybe ferns? hehe. I will say having been at your house, I’ve never felt that that space was bare.

  2. No advice on the shower–curious to see what suggestions you get.

    Above the cupboards: I like something up there, but through the years, I’ve learned that less is better (other than at Christmas, when my area is full of snowmen!). I think a couple nice ceramic pieces–or whatever–on one or more ends (or back in corner) look good. And although I know “fake greenery” isn’t exactly “HGTV,” I do think a LITTLE BIT placed beside an object helps give a softer, homey look–but I’m old, so I don’t know! Amazingly, I don’t have any sprigs of greenery up on mine right now!

  3. What about doing some lighting on a dimmer switch? My parents have it at their house and I just love it. Since it is above the cabinets, you can find the lights at Menards and just need to wire it. Just a thought!

  4. I hope you find someone with a miracle cure for the shower problem. Ours is the same way – and i always blamed it on Jason having a “dirty job” but no matter what I try I can’t get it back to sparkling white.

    Above the cabinets…. If I had that kind of space I would put something up there….. but that is just how i am….. 🙂 As fas as what to put….. to each their own….. – helpful — right?!? 😉

  5. Okay, the shower:
    Obviously, it’s normal. In our last house it looked like that and only seemed to get worse no matter how I cleaned it. We finally had to seriously do something about it when we were putting it on the market.
    I’m not sure what exactly it is that worked but the cleaning episode that finally took care of it involved this Green Apple Wonder Cleaner stuff we bought from a salesman, a big stiff bristled scrub brush and LOTS of (Ryan’s) elbow grease and then a follow up with one of those little shark steamer things. (The steamer is awesome and took care of any of the “permanantly fogged” soap scum that never really came totally off the glass doors too.)

    I never thought the bottom of that shower would be white again, but I was amazed. And I know neither of us wanted to shower in there anymore because we didn’t want to get it dirty again! Ryan’s arms were sore the next day from the scrubbing. 🙂
    So I would suggest maybe getting one of those little steamers (you can find them for fairly cheap or with a coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.) and steaming it good, scrubbing the heck out of it (maybe even with some bleach?) and then giving it a final steam rinse. Maybe?

    • Good to know! I’ve got a big scrub brush, and i’ll look into that cleaner and the steamer. I have tried bleach (both scrubbing with it and just letting it soak on there for a while) but it didn’t really do any good.

  6. The nasty pink stuff might disappear with some CLR or Limeaway. We get that ucky stuff down here a lot (I guess just the composition of the water) and it’s the only thing that really works.

  7. We got a beautiful new bathtub 3 years ago and it looked like this a year later. I tried all the products on the market which ate through the fiberglass. Turns out it was scratched badly from the instal. Some dry grout got under the plastic protective temp. liner and no amount of cleaning ever helped. We got the tub refinished for $400. I’m sure a little shower floor would only be a fraction of that and a new drain would be cheap too! Well worth not seeing dirt ever again!!

  8. Have you tried good ol’ fashioned vinegar or hydrogen peroxide? If you can get past the smell there’s very few things that vinegar doesn’t get clean. Add some baking soda to the vinegar, and it really gets the job done. That’s what I use to clean our toilets. Cheap, Earth friendly, and works great. Tea Tree oil is another great option. I put a few drops in a squirt bottle with some water and just spray and let it sit. It really takes care of mold. I would try hydrogen peroxide for the dirt first. Just spray it on and let it sit for awhile.

  9. I’m at a loss on the shower part…but I do have some lovely doilies I can frame for you to put up above the cabinets 😉

  10. I forgot to add, that you should check out houzz for ideas on what to do with the space above your cabinets. Just browse their kitchen section and hopefully you’ll find some inspiration.

  11. I’m feeling like I have thoughts today so….
    Being a textured surface it probably would be a little difficult but have you tried a Magic Eraser? It may tear the sponge up a little quicker than most jobs, and I’m not sure it would be smart to use the Magic Eraser for general maintenance cleaning of the shower floor, but it might be good for getting it clean and then your regular cleaning could maintain any success!
    *This just in…the ol’ google suggested to use shampoo along with the Magic Eraser (so as to protect the shower surface I’m supposing…as I have never heard of the cleaning power of shampoo for such surfaces!). Hmmm.
    The steam clean seems like it might be a good option too!

    I also like the lighting idea above the cabinets…small lights (on a dimmer switch) facing upwards (though for the record I do also love displays of colored glass). Yet as someone mentioned above, it isn’t a space that typically screams ‘BARE’ when you are in a home.
    Well, you know, in my opinion 😉

    • Thanks for your opinion 🙂

      I’m heading upstairs now armed with a Magic Eraser, plus the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and baking soda suggested by Neeley. I’ll report back if I’m not overcome by fumes!

  12. On the shower – CLR!!!! When we bought our first house in Indy ( a foreclosure), the shower was basically black (darker than yours) and ALL OVER. CLR made it white, shiny, and looking new!!! LOVE that stuff. If that doesn’t do the trick, do you have any challenger? I think I’ve mentioned that stuff to you before, but if you don’t have any, I have a BIG gallon jug of it. If you get me a empty spray bottle, you can have some of it to try. Just let me know. That stuff gets ANYTHING clean.

    As far as the kitchen cabinets, I’m personally a fan of a little decor up there. At this house, we have speakers that are wired to our family room so we can have the radio on in there. Other than that, I just have a tiny bit of greenery with some different colored vases. I did see on one blog the other day someone had the word CAFE in black letters up there and I thought that looked good.

    Good luck on both!

  13. 1. Borax.

  14. Cleaning is certainly not one of my strong points, so my only comment has to do with the area above the cabinets. I like the idea of adding lights with a dimmer above the cabinets. I’ve also seen that space decorated with Uppercase Living. Our neighbors just remodeled their kitchen and put have a bible verse (I can’t remember if it’s about hospitality or breaking bread, but you get the idea) up there and it looks very nice.
    Good luck!

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