Sleetcation 2011

In anticipation of this “epic” winter storm of “crippling, historic proportions”, I made plans to have a few things to do if we did, indeed, get stuck in our house for an extended period of time.

The only thing epic about this was that it freakin’ sleeted ALL DAY LONG yesterday. Probably 2.5-3″ of tiny ice balls. And then a couple of inches of snow. Gah. This is not historic.

So my original plan to call this snowcation changed to sleetcation, which just isn’t nearly as cool.

It is, however, nothing to be out running around in. Earlier today I watched a snowplow have a very difficult time getting through our cul-de-sac, and the street in front of us that was cleared isn’t really so much.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

1. Making breadsticks. Directions and pictures are on Three More Bites.

2. Luke is making valentines for school. This is our first time making homemade ones, and they’re so cute! I cut out the monsters with the Silhouette (using 2 downloads from their store), and the rest is just cardstock (from my supply) and googly eyes (purchased in my last-minute-rush-to-Walmart trip). Inspiration here.

3. Lots of Super Mario Bros on the Wii.

4. We finally got around to putting the boys’ handprints on the tablecloth like I do every Christmas. Wait…what? Christmas was six weeks ago? Oh.

5. A really cool pancake let the boys know that Aunt Heidi is having a baby girl! PS…do not try this at home. Flipping that pancake resulted in many small pieces.

6. Bennett worked on his new daily writing assignment, and he hit it out of the park with his penmanship! And his story about making breadsticks is super cute.

7. Jack Henry asked Matt to teach him how to play chess. Which is pretty much the most adorable thing ever. I recorded some of it, and it’s too long to post. But every time Matt would teach him about how a certain piece moves on the board, he would say, “ooh, so DAT’S how you play.” And I don’t think my Candyland and Memory days are over just yet; he stuck with it for about 15 minutes, but later told me that two of the chess pieces are called “guts” and “chunk” so I’m thinking that not much of the lesson sunk in.

8. The promise of brownies tomorrow, a playdate for Bennett, and lunch with an equally-cabin-fevered friend and her kiddos are keeping me afloat as my dear husband gleefully heads back to the office.

12 responses to “Sleetcation 2011

  1. Wow, it looks like you guys have been busy! The bread sticks looked both fun and yummy. (And what??? You write on 2 blogs?!?! I can’t even keep up on one!!!) What a fun mini break for the boys. 🙂

    And if it’s any consolation, the 12+ inches of snow we got wasn’t even packing snow… no snow men or snow ball fights here!! Just LOTS of shoveling.

  2. I’m always so impressed with how much creativity you pack into your day/family/home. Seriously, I’m so not wired that way that I can just look on in awe.

    But… “guts” and “chunk”? I was sitting here laughing at my computer so hard that I thought Rebecca would come running to see what I was reading. JH is pure comic genius. 😀

  3. Those Valentines are so cute & boyish!!! And the caption: “I’ve got my eye on you”–what a hoot!

    Had no idea about the Christmas tablecloth–what a great keepsake!! Yeah–JH’s hand–!!!

    If Bennett’s writing h.w. is at home, I’ll have to read his version of making breadsticks when I come next week!

    And the whole chess thing: kudos to Matt! I can’t imagine trying to explain this to a 3 yo (or to me, for that matter). I can just hear Jack groovin’ out to it w/ his “so DAT’s how you play”!

    Have fun tomorrow!!

  4. Such cute monsters, they turned out great. Thanks for the link love! Happy Valentines!

  5. I love the Valentines! 🙂 We are on our third snow day too, and I haven’t done near as many fun things. Maybe I can do something fun and creative today! Thanks for inspiring me.

  6. Okay. Now I feel guilty for not doing stuff like this with my kids these past few days. LOVE the valentines!

  7. My blogging and blog-reading lately has been pathetic… so when I saw this post and HOW BIG Jack Henry is, I was taken aback!

  8. awww, looks like fun at the diehl house! LOVE LOVE the pancake!!! yay! i’m $3 richer since they bet “boy”… 🙂 impressive valentines!

  9. OOPS- I just realized that I was logged into the defunct church blog when I left that comment earlier about Jack Henry being so big- but it’s me!

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