So, I may have mentioned once or twenty times that I’m cleaning out and organizing the basement. Part of this job, which is really slow, is going through old photo albums to make them more appropriate for my kids to look through (removing dumb stuff and me with other boyfriends {except for prom/homecoming pictures}).

I have found some gems that I just absolutely must share. And to protect my friends who did not ask to have their awkward teen years and bad fashion choices broadcast on the internet, I am cropping them out so that you all can just make fun of me.

First up: raise your hand if you remember my favorite ad from teen magazines:

Fact #1: I never wore Love’s Baby Soft.
Fact #2: I never had a boyfriend who looked remotely like this dude.
Fact #3: That guy has some girly handwriting.

Next up, we have this lovely get-up from 1990. I’m struggling to understand why this look isn’t coming back in style. Edited from this picture is my friend Erin, who is doing my hair. She hates the internet, so she’ll be happy I didn’t picture her.

All righty. Braces? Check. Ugly lipstick? Check. Tall bangs? Check. This has to be around 1992.

Moving on. Text on picture says it all. Yikes.

And here, I broke my promise about not including anyone else. Because it’s my adorable little sister…seriously, how cute is she? Love that hair, Hayley! This is in New Mexico in 1992. Clearly, I am rockin’ the permed hair, tight-rolled jeans, and yes, braces.

This may not be the end of my walk down awkward, teenage memory lane.

9 responses to “Flashback

  1. I am ROLLING!! My favorite line: “I’m struggling to understand why this look isn’t coming back in style” 🙂

    I get SUCH a charge out of seeing “before I knew you” pics!! You at Prom is hilarious!! You look like you’re in some elaborate costume. 🙂

    Cute li’l Hayley!

  2. i love everything about this post!

  3. Love your units belt, I had one, but I wore mine as a skirt *gasp!* Now on the the prom dress! WOW!

  4. Units belt…is that the stretchy belt? I couldn’t remember the name of them but wore the heck out of them! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! Keep ’em coming 🙂

  5. 100% the nicole pals that i adored. i wanted so bad to look exactly like you 😉 when i was old enough for big bangs and lipstick. xo.

  6. OH – and i totally remember that ad.

  7. 1. Totally remember that ad and thinking that guy wasn’t cute.
    2. I think I had a prom dress JUST like that
    3. I think you should try doing that with your bangs – you had a gift!
    4. If you cut off Hayley’s hair, I can totally see Bennett in her!

  8. I remember that New Mexico visit with great fondness. Anytime you want to bring the boys out to see some “real Indians”, climb Bandelier’s cliff dwellings and otherwise enjoy the Great Southwest, know you all will be very welcome!

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