Snow Day #3 Thoughts

In no special order.

1. Some animals eat their young.

2. Think about how much of parenting is telling your kids AGAIN not to do something/how to do something. If they learned everything correctly the first time you taught them/told them, parenting would be a breeze. And much less time-consuming.

3. It’s so hard to follow through on discipline. I hate it. Obviously, it’s important, but it’s a sucky part of being a parent.

4. Our new school superintendent is coming from Wisconsin. I’m pretty sure he’ll nip these bogus snow days in the bud.

5. Cutest commercial ever:

6. Kids eat more when they’re snowed in, or so it seems.

7. Jack Henry licked ketchup off his plate in a restaurant today.

8. I really, really badly want to beat Matt in Scrabble tonight.

9. Instead of playing Scrabble, though, I may be ironing, since I’ve put it off so long that Matt now has almost no shirts to wear.

10. I got two cardigans at Gap today for a TOTAL of $11. I heart clearance.

8 responses to “Snow Day #3 Thoughts

  1. 1. I wish I would have gone to the mall with you b/c didn’t you score some great deals at Old Navy the last time you were there???? I need to shop with you.

    2. Jack Henry also scooped up ketchup with his fingers and then licked them all one by one when you were talking to me (with your back to him). Forgot to mention that to you 🙂

    3. I vote no to ironing and yes to a win in scrabble!

    4. Good luck with the new superintendent. Ours, I’ve heard, is new from Minnesota and we are still out today too. Just sayin.

  2. i have no idea why we didn’t have school today. i’m not going to lie, it was a little frustrating.

  3. That commercial is the cutest!!

    Yeah, snow days really aren’t fun for sahm. I think teacher-moms are the ONLY ones who love them! And, believe me, since I considered snow days to be a gift to ME, I sure didn’t do the fun, creative things w/ my kids that you’ve been doing! I’m not sure I knew WHAT the heck they were doing!

  4. I love #1! 🙂

  5. Laughed as soon as I read the TITLE to this post. hehe

  6. This is a riot!!
    I heard on the news the other day that Chicago was calling its first snow day since 1999. Why are we such wusses down here?! 🙂

  7. I really wish you would have included Erin in the picture and then sent her a link to this blog. One day she will realize the internet is not all bad.

  8. Dang it! I was going to blog that commercial this week. You totally stole my thunder 🙂 I almost can’t wait to see Judah old enough to wear a Vader costume!!

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