Helpful and Not Helpful


of course, they are the reason for all of this laundry in the first place, but having kids is a really good idea, since they can start sharing the load (and, of course, repaying you for the hard work of caring for them as a baby).

Not helpful:

it's not a time-saver when they turn your walmart list into a canvas.

But it turned into a good activity while I made a new list:

he asked me how to spell some words for his shopping list, and this kept him busy for 15 minutes!

can you read what he wrote?

5 responses to “Helpful and Not Helpful

  1. He wrote “apple”–can’t believe he’s starting to be interested in spelling words & trying to write–that’s just not possible yet! I’m just getting used to Bennett doing it! Each time, I forget how adorable it is to watch them painstakingly form letters in their own awkward way!! 🙂

  2. Okay- This is why we’re holding Blake back. JH is going to pass him right up!

    Lucas has asked us if we had kids just so we could have ‘slaves’. LOL!

  3. jh’s letters are GREAT! seriously, they are better than luke’s and luke is older.

  4. APPLE! He’s a jeenyus.

  5. Very good JH!!!

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