He Deserves His Own Post

Not long ago, I mentioned that Jack kinda likes to be the center of attention. So he caught me off-guard a couple of Fridays ago when we snuck into Luke’s classroom to be the mystery reader, and he was completely overwhelmed by all of the kids and refused to sit on the rug with them.

That’s an anomaly for sure, because a couple of times over the weekend of Ron’s retirement parties, he proved that he is a) not shy and b) very much not shy.

On the night that we had dinner at Biaggi’s, Jack Henry kept mistaking a host/manager there for his Uncle Eric. In fairness, they did resemble each other. But my not-shy and increasingly head-strong 3-year-old constantly called out “ERIC!” to the manager when his real Uncle Eric had stepped away from the table for a few minutes, enough so that we called him over to let him know why our kid was yelling at him.

The next morning, we didn’t go to church in Effingham due to Ron’s party being that afternoon and preparations being made. Instead, we did a Bible study at my dad’s house with the three boys, reading them the story of Jonah and discussing the implications of trying to hide from God, etc. I thought it was a great conversation, and that Matt had read the story in an entertaining way to make it interesting. However, I didn’t catch all of it, because I was corralling someone who thought HE should be the center of attention.

he spent most of his time sitting straight up with the armrest cover on his head.

Later that day, during some speeches about Ron, Jack Henry decided to leave his perch on my lap and go join his brothers, who were sitting on the floor near their papa. In order to do this, he had to run across a big empty part of the floor, which got some attention and a few chuckles (groan). Things went well for about 45 seconds, and then JH started to fidget. I debated crossing the room to get him, and decided it wasn’t bad enough to do that. For the next 2 minutes or so, sweet Bennett tried to wrestle him into submission, even going so far as to almost headlock him in an attempt to keep him seated.

family friend sharla took this picture just as he started his antics...please ignore the repeat below...there's no way to put it here and not include it in the gallery!


And then it happened: Jack got up, ran across the open room to me (keep in mind, someone is still speaking), and just as he got within arm’s reach, he circled away from me and ran back to his brothers. This was the last straw; as embarrassing as it was for me to have to cut across the room, I did so swiftly and lifted his 38-lb-body up and out of there as fast as I could. We spent the rest of the speeches out in the hallway.

He’s going to outgrow this, right?

And turn into a photographer. Here’s what he was doing for a while during the beginning of the speeches about Ron…

At least we can bank on there never being a dull moment.

2 responses to “He Deserves His Own Post

  1. Loved reading this since I didn’t realize most of it had happened (or HOW it had happened)! It’s hard to believe that a kid who was NOT fazed by a quiet room full of adults at the rec ctr was suddenly intimidated by Luke’s classmates!

  2. Yes, I totally “laughed out loud” at this one….
    I have to say, there have been several times when the thought has occured to me that Jack Henry and ZuZu would get along SO well… and the two of them playing together would either be really fun, or really scary…

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