Be Mine.

Mmmmmkay. So last week, as I was working on some organizing of basement stuff, I came across a box that contained an envelope of love letters from me to Matt. Without going in to any detail whatsoever, we’ll just say that it.was.embarrassing. Like I’m-glad-I-found-them-and-destroyed-them embarrassing.

But, I did find this little gem in one of them (and I have no idea who wrote it, so if anyone knows, tell me), and it’s just perfect for Valentine’s Day, especially for all of you married folks out there:

There is a camaraderie unique to lovers. It grows out of the unromantic* demands of everyday living**. It is each one given to the other, dividing life’s burdens and joys. It is faith in their commitment tightly bound into their faith in the God who creates and holds all things together.

*Nothing is more unromantic than being sick on Valentine’s Day. Matt’s got a bad cold and sore throat, I don’t feel great myself, and 2 of 3 boys also have colds, so tomorrow will be a day of reminding myself that I love these people that I’m caring for :). Just kidding, of course…I think everyone will have a normal day, as no one is *that* sick. And of course I love them.

**Tomorrow is a major laundry day for me. And I’m pretty sure that nothing says “I Love You” quite like clean boxer shorts and tees in your dresser, right?

I still really love last year’s post, too, and I mean all of those things again this year!

2 responses to “Be Mine.

  1. I hope everyone is feeling better today.

  2. You & Matt are such a cute couple–I don’t think Ron & I were ever that cute. Hope the sickness doesn’t grow & grow. 😦

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