Because We’re Going to Forget.

In a week, when it’s freezing cold (like it should be this time of year) and there’s snow and ice in the forecast, we’re going to forget that it was gloriously, unseasonably, beautifully warm. Warm enough to open windows and breath in fresh air, and because it’s so early in the season, no one’s allergies are being affected yet. Warm enough to sleep with windows open and fans on. 77 degrees inside-my-house-with-windows-open warm.

Here’s my photographic evidence, so next week, I can be jealous of this week’s me.

5 responses to “Because We’re Going to Forget.

  1. This week has been incredible!!! Crazy to think that we could get more snow after this week!!! Glad you were able to enjoy the weather!!!

  2. What happy pictures!!! A late-Feb “taste of spring” is priceless, regardless of what’s coming!

  3. Its been heavenly!! I’m so thankful for even a quick glimpse of Spring. What’s this about snow and ice?? (off to check out the forecast..humpf)

  4. Funny! Cole learned to pedal in these warmer (not NEARLY as warm as you) days too! This summer’s gonna rock!

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