Why Facebook Rocks, and Info on Phones.

Matt and I have been contemplating getting rid of our home phone since we moved to this house. At our old house, smack-dab in the middle of suburbia (where we still are, btw), cell phone reception was not reliable right around our house. So getting rid of our landline was not an option at that house.

At our new house, it’s fine. No problems, ever. And our contract with Charter for TV/DVR/internet/phone is almost up, so it was time to consider getting rid of the landline.

I posted this on good ol’ FB:

At our old house, cell phone reception was sketchy, so we NEEDED a landline. We kept it when we moved to our new house to be sure that cell reception is OK, and it is.

So tell me: do you still have a landline? If not, any regrets in dropping it, and how long ago did you drop your landline?

I quickly got a bunch of replies, many from people who only have cell phones and love it. But, some other people reminded me of things I hadn’t thought of. Which included:

1. The fact that our alarm system is wired to our phone. There is a wireless option that would work just fine; however, it would require an equipment upgrade AND a higher annual charge.

2. Cell phones aren’t listed in the phone book, making it harder for people to find you.

3. You have to give out your cell phone to the kids’ friends for scheduling play time. Eh.

4. Most importantly, from my friend Suzanne, whose husband is a police officer, came this info I hadn’t considered: a cell phone won’t give police and fire your exact location like a landline will…the gps gives a range, which isn’t perfect and requires additional research/time to find you if you can’t give an address.

I want to hold off on my own kids having access to a cell phone for as long as possible, so keeping our landline helps with that. Plus, it appears from some of the comments that we have a pretty good deal on our home phone through the bundle we have with Charter, as it only costs us $20/month for unlimited local/long distance (not that it’s ever used for that).

So for now, it stays. Thanks, friends!

3 responses to “Why Facebook Rocks, and Info on Phones.

  1. Good choice. We have no intentions of getting rid of ours for those exact reasons.

  2. Good Post. We have a landline and will keep it until our kids are grown, if not longer. For the same reasons above -plus some. I just feel safer when I have kids in the house knowing the babysitter has a land line that i can call to them on and that they can call out to me on if needed. When our power was out – we had our corded phone we could rely on even as our cell phone batteries were dying, another reason to keep the land line!

  3. Yes! I read the FB comments with full interest myself! Rich so badly wants to avoid that monthly payment, but I thought these were reasons enough to keep it. I WILL be looking into getting a lower rate for maybe only emergency or minimal usage. Good question!

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