Making the World Seem a Little Smaller

When I was younger, I remember hearing the phrase “It’s a small world” and thinking, “what? Are you crazy? No it’s not.”

And then the internet came along.

The internet is a funny thing. Many blast it for making people unable to communicate effectively with each other face-to-face; there’s more than a little bit of truth to that. It’s also made my life far more convenient, given my daily reliance on google to answer stuff that in 1982 people would never have been able to easily find an answer to. But for me, it’s blogging that has truly made the world seem smaller.

It means that people who have never met a girl with special needs in the Phillippines, who happens to be a really fast runner, are going to band together and send her to the Special Olympics (go read that story – and if you’re so inclined, send a few dollars her way to make it happen!).

It means that I get to see what friends who live far away are doing daily with their lives and kids. I get to see what friends who live close by that I can’t see often enough are doing with their lives and kids.

It means that I’ve “met” some amazing women online who I truly call friends! I’ve met Sara in real life before, but I haven’t met any others. THAT will change in May, when I get to meet Laurie IRL when she’s visiting STL. I can’t wait! She’s a mom of four boys and just so sweet. Laurie incidentally just met Kathy, who I’d also love to meet! Cue “Small World” music!

It also means that when a crisis hits, there’s a community of people there to support and pray for a friend. Mary and her family lived in Effingham for a few years while I was in junior high/high school (I think that’s right), and her brother was a classmate of mine. After they moved (and without the benefit of the internet), I lost touch with all of them. Until Mary and I found each other on Facebook. She got married and moved to Seoul, South Korea, shortly after we reconnected, and started blogging about what it’s like to live on foreign soil, how buying things that are simple to us here in the US can be a major adventure there, etc. She’s highly entertaining and living a life so different from mine that I just love when she posts something new.

Right after Christmas, she was diagnosed with a non-cancerous brain tumor. While in South Korea. Can you even imagine? She’s back in the states now for treatment, and blogging about her recovery. Go over there and read some of what she’s written, and you’ll be hooked. And say a prayer that she makes a complete and quick recovery, so that she can get back to Seoul and her beloved husband!

See? East Asia at your fingertips. So, so small.

7 responses to “Making the World Seem a Little Smaller

  1. How fun to read Mary’s blog–I’ll add it to my list! So glad her tumor is non-cancerous; will pray that her treatment is highly successful!

  2. i heart the internet 🙂 i must have gotten an email about that little Phillipino girl earlier this month because we are helping to send her on her way, too! how fun that you’re meeting bloggers IRL!!!!! wow, i remember Mary–I think my neighbor had a crush on her or something… so sad and scary–will check out her blog and pray for them!

  3. Love this post. It’s amazing how quickly bloggers become friends even if you’ve never met IRL. Funny enough, I just told someone about your grilled meatloaf. They asked where I got the recipe and I said “My friend Nicole has a blog called Three More Bites”.

  4. I can’t count how many times since I started blogging it has proven to be such a blessing. Nicole – thank you so much for the love and support and for your blog. I’m hooked. XO.

  5. Very. Very true.

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