“Well HE’S a Talker, Huh?”*

Remember when your mom would limit your screen time, and the hardest decision you had to make all day was whether to play Webkinz for a few minutes or instead, watch your brothers play the Wii for a little while?

Yeah, me neither.

But I DO distinctly remember simple afternoons from my childhood bossing my brothers around playing with my brothers, and how there were some made-up words that only our family understood. Many of them were rooted in mispronunciations from toddler/preschooler years. I’m starting to wonder if any of Jack Henry’s funny vocabulary will stick around.

Here’s a current list:

africot = apricot. His favorite jelly for toast is apricot, and the older boys joke (out of his range of hearing, because I don’t want to hurt his feelings, and the boys don’t either) that he’s talking about African apricots.

sawn = seen. This is a hand-me-down mispronounced word from Bennett. Who could have possibly gotten it from Luke.

already’d = a contraction formed from the words already and did. Already’d. I’ll say, “Jack Henry, you need to wash your hands,” and he’ll reply, “I already’d!” This is the form in which I most often hear it used.

New Nited States of Merica. Self-explanatory. And also, you guessed it…

New.S.A. = U.S.A.

handwrist = wristband

And now for a quote from last weekend, when he was doing some kind of funky dance that was celebratory in nature over finding a long-lost (or hidden by his mother since it was winter) Star Wars sleeping t-shirt. I asked him what he was doing, and he said, “Just awesome stuff.”

Got it. Awesome stuff.

*Schnucks cashier today. She smiled as I mentioned that Jack Henry and I are often carrying on one long conversation all day, and then said, “Well, he sure seems like a happy guy.” And she’s right; he is. 🙂

5 responses to ““Well HE’S a Talker, Huh?”*

  1. For my daughter, “druve” was past tense of drive. It’s still in circulation in our house.!

  2. I LOVE these! I truly think there should be a toddler dictionary printed…only in the New Nited States of Merica, though.

  3. LOVE the “africot” interpretation from the brothers!! 🙂
    And–I think “already’d” is a GREAT word that makes perfect sense!!

    These just make me want to squeeze & smooch JH!!

  4. “African apricots” totally got me laughing!

  5. Love it! My favorite is “already’d”!

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