Deadline: Missed.

Well, it’s official. Unless I stay up all night long, which ain’t gonna happen (a horrible thunderstorm/potential tornado had the Diehl family hanging out together in the basement last night for 40 minutes long after bedtime), I didn’t make the goal of getting the basement organized by the end of February.

A couple of things I didn’t count on:

1. Eighty bajillion snow days.

2. The fact that I am physically unable to work on this project past 7pm, with the exception of going through photo albums and such while watching TV. I’m slightly sanitizing my teenage + college years in the albums, so that the kids can look at them without me over their shoulder, editing and quickly flipping pages.

3. Several days of 70 degree weather, which could not be missed.

4. Jack Henry suddenly refusing to nap but once a week. Soooo not ready for this.

can we all agree that it's a good thing he's cute? and how adorable is it that he tucks in all of his guys at bedtime?

It’s hugely cramping my style, his non-napping. His behavior and attitude scream “a nap would help all of this and save your mom’s sanity” but his refusal to lay still long enough to make it happen wins almost every time. It’s meant a big readjustment of my day, which was not helpful mid-project.

I can really get a lot done without kids around, and I’ve made TONS of progress during those times. I commented on Facebook that 1 hour of work without kid interruptions = approximately 8 hours of work when the kids are around. Karen decided that we should measure work around the house in “kid-present-hours” and “kid-not-present hours!”

just so that you'll believe me that some work has been done.

Anyway, there’s lots of trash gone, lots of space cleared, and lots of things finding permanent storage places (with room to spare, which is fabulous). The one big project that remains is getting my craft stuff wrestled into submission.

And when that happens, which is going to be soon, the next project can happen.

Which is opening my etsy shop. Which I can’t wait for.

Maybe I should try Benadryl at naptime?*

*this is totally a joke, peeps. I swear I’ve never done that, though the thought has crossed my mind once or thirty-seven times.

7 responses to “Deadline: Missed.

  1. Not to worry about your missed deadline; Feb. was a messed-up month, and you did really well, all things considered! And you’ve got to remember that you have hugely high standards of organization; many women, including me, would love to have things in as good of order as you did BEFORE you started!

    I feel your pain about the naps dribbling off to a minimum. What can ya do. That pic w/ sleeping JH & his friends is so adorable . . .

  2. Ah yes-the loss of naps. I can commiserate with you on that one. Landon rarely naps anymore as well and it’s killing me softly. I now have a basement to pack up and can’t seem to even figure out when that will be possible, much less go do it, what with no naps, the flu and all the unexpected happenings of life. I’m starting to wonder if moving is a good idea after all. Maybe it’s better to just stay in our small, unorganized space a little longer…or forever. Good luck to you!

  3. Urgh. I don’t even want to think about days without naps…Adam took them until he started Kindergarten. I’m pretty sure Katie won’t last that long.
    I thought of you yesterday as I started to pack up my basement stuff. Is it strange that I kind of close my eyes as I pack and think “I’ll organize this when I get there”? I’m doing my best to keep it “organized”, but I’m pretty sure I’m fooling myself.
    And I’m excited about your etsy store….can’t wait to see what you are going to sell! Your crafts are awesome and a new house always needs some new things!

  4. yay to your etsy shop!

  5. We’ve gone 2 days in a row here, which is weird – and better not be the start of a trend. Also…I’m loving the look of this project, with all the labels and such? Heaven.

  6. awwww, that pic is ridiculously cute!

  7. WHAT? You are opening an Etsy store? No way! What sorts of fabulous things can we expect?

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