Saturday Panic

So. Luke threw up last night. Thankfully, it was just once, and he made to the bathroom (perks of older kids! They know what’s coming.)

Also thankfully, he’s been fine since then, despite a rough night of sleep. He’s been eating since midday and feels fine, and is playing with his brothers now after several hours of quarantine.

However, I’m on edge, waiting for one of the other 2 to get sick. Gross.

PLUS. My computer is threatening to die on me. It’s randomly shutting down, and I have no computer knowledge, but I know that this generally is not a good thing. So I am frantically saving everything I can (in an attempt to figure out a way to save my bookmarks on Firefox – and there were about a million – I somehow lost all of those, which is horrible but I can live with it). I’ve backed up files/photos before, but I haven’t for a while, and not very thoroughly. I know, I know, shame on me…but I’m praying that I can get it all done before she just calls it quits completely.

Thankfully, I got the idea this morning, before the problems really started, to download the software I needed to turn my Flip videos into DVDs. While it takes a while for the whole conversion process to happen, it’s working, and memories are being preserved as I type. Which is why I’m taking time to write this anyway; I’m monitoring the DVD production, and then moving on to other documents/pictures/etc.

So, that’s my Saturday. What are you up to today? I hope it’s more fun than what I’m doing.

5 responses to “Saturday Panic

  1. Your computer is a “she”? If it’s a Windows machine it’s definitely a “he”. The Blue Screen of Death is not a feminine thing, nor is random shutting down whenever it feels like. So saith I. 😉

    My Saturday involved the usual food making, dishes doing, clothes washing and folding and enjoying one daughter on spring break (HOORAY) and encouraging the other daughter through her usual ridiculous load of homework (BOO). Then I insanely added coaching a Sparks-a-Rama team this year.

  2. ours did that same thing around xmas time so we put everything on our zip drive, reformatted the hard drive and started over again (original settings). it’s been working fine since then.

  3. The thought of a computer just croaking & taking its innards to the grave just makes me sweaty. At least you have a clue what to do.

    Praying & keeping fingers crossed that Bennett & JH (& their parents) stay healthy!

    Hope Matt makes it home safely tonight after celebrating w/ Eric & his buddies. Eric texted a photo of Matt playing Pac Man!!!!!

  4. Good Luck! What software did you end up downloading??? I think I was supposed to get back to you on this, but when I asked Kirk he really didn’t know what he was going to use and we still haven’t done anything with it. We need to. Like, in the next 10 weeks so we are caught up before baby #4 arrives.

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