Baseball: The Basics

Yes, yes, I know, it’s almost time for the college basketball holiday to begin, and it will be celebrated to the fullest ’round these parts. The boys have painstakingly filled out their brackets, and anxiously await the beginning of games. But it’s also almost time for baseball to begin; both for the boys on their own teams, and for the Cardinals. And Bennett is really excited.

So excited, in fact, that he spelled out the basics last week in a writing assignment for school (they’re doing a non-fiction study right now, where they have to choose things that they are “experts” on…in addition to baseball, Bennett also considers himself an expert on how to be a good student, which I think is adorable).

"There can only be 9 people playing baseball. After there are 3 strikes the batter is out. After there is 3 people out that means half of the..."


"...inning is over. That's mostly how to play baseball."


3 responses to “Baseball: The Basics

  1. I am voting with the teacher. WOW!

  2. And as far as I’m concerned, that tells just enough!! Couldn’t be cuter!! (The only word I couldn’t immediately recognize on my own was “mostly”!)

  3. Excellent Job!! He has definitely been listening in on the conversations between his Papa Ron and Dad.

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