I Can’t Make This Stuff Up.

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful outside, and I was fortunate enough to have my MIL Jo here, which meant that I was able to go out for a midday walk/jog. I went 3 miles, which includes down and up the gigantic hills right by my house, and then some milder hills. Between the inclines and the wind and warmth, I got a great workout and a red face.

I kept my walking clothes on the rest of the day, which included my hair in a stretchy headband on my bangs + a ponytail. For the record, I didn’t think I looked cute.

Right before bed, Jack Henry came up to me and said, “You would look like a pretty girl if you changed that thing in your hair.”

Me: “Oh really?”

Him: “Yes. And you should change your shirt. And your pants. And your shoes.”

Wow. Ok.

I relayed this to Matt and the other boys, and Luke said, “Well, he might be right.”

Sheesh. Enough already.

7 responses to “I Can’t Make This Stuff Up.

  1. Just for the record: I think you looked remarkably cute in your jogging garb, pony tail & headband! Boys–geesh!!

  2. Wow is right! Don’t comments like that just pump up your self-esteem like no other?!! Gotta love their “take” on things! It’s even worse when I think I’m all cleaned up & stylin’ and one of mine makes a comment like that!

  3. I was asked one time by my boyfriend’s son:
    “Are you going to wear that to my game?”

    For the record, I was cleaning the house and had not showered or changed yet but still.. I just had on a t-shirt with a hoodie over it and jeans!! Since when is that not acceptable??! O well!

    I am sure you are still really cute in your excercise clothes!

  4. That is classic. Lol! You are such a beautiful mom, even in a scrunchie!

  5. Wow. So funny. I’m no longer feeling the need to rush my almost-2-year-old into talking more! I think I’m ok with him keeping those thoughts to himself for now!

  6. Funny! I was looking online at the Gap/Old Navy/Banana 30% off sale and checking out summer dresses. I had one on the screen in black, and then snapped it to a rasberry color, and Ryan stopped by the computer monitor, looks up and goes, “Oh, la la! That one is great, mom! You should buy it!” Where do they come up with this stuff from!!?

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