What I Love About Right Now

The spring break version.

I posted a few months ago about how I feel like we’re in a parenting sweet spot right now, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s continuing. This is NOT to say that things are blissful and easy (truly, the parenting/directing/character education is getting harder)…the physical demands are just lessening. And it’s, well, glorious.

[Maybe it’s also magnified by how our siblings are earlier in their parenting years, and going through the more physically demanding time, which makes me feel old and worn out and like I’ve been there done that. Enter “dang, I am OLD” thoughts here.]

For instance, it’s spring break. On Friday, Matt’s mom and I took the boys to the zoo, and for the first time since I became a parent, we went without the stroller. Sweet freedom! Jack Henry totally rocked at walking through the zoo, never once complaining to be picked up (which is not, as I recall, how his brothers’ first trips to the zoo sans-stroller went).

Then today, we ran a couple of errands, during which we did not need a) a diaper bag or b) bribes like Smarties to make it through 3 quick stops. The real bribe of going to the park for lunch after the errands was enough to keep everyone going for the hour of boring stuff.

And the trip to the park? So much fun. We ate a quick lunch in the gazebo at one of my all-time favorite parks (Des Peres Park for you locals – it’s a gem, and holds so many memories of my first couple of years here in STL), and everyone fed themselves. Quickly. Then it was time to play. And not once did I have to get up in the play structure to get a kid who climbed too high or didn’t want to slide down, etc. BUT, all 3 kids were thoroughly entertained; Luke’s not too old to think the park is lame. We also enjoyed a quick walk around the “lake” (it’s really a pond), saw some geese and wild turkeys, and not once – ok, only once, in the picture below on the dock – did I worry about a kid falling in the dirty water.

I love the feeling of contentment…it’s different from joy or happiness, which are both great, too, but not the same. And I’ve been content all day long. Just what I needed. Spring break is good for the moms, too.

5 responses to “What I Love About Right Now

  1. i know exactly what you mean – we’re in the exact same spot too and it’s very, very nice.

  2. I one thousand % agree with this! Now – where’s the pause button? Cause I have a feeling what comes next isn’t too pretty.

    *When I saw the pix on facebook I wondered if it was a 1st w/o a stroller for you. Congrats!!

  3. Yes, you are at that perfect stage! I remember so clearly–when my kids were about the same age as yours–maybe even a year or so older(?)–saying to Ron that I wished I could stop time!

    Glad you had a fun day! It was so nice here–I actually wondered if it was as beautiful over there for the boys to be able to play outside!

  4. This park looks great! Glad to hear you all had a good time. While Korry walked the trails for 1/2 mi. alone and actually kept up; she also flipped backward out of the swing earlier in the day. But, I have a feeling the contentment is just around the corner. ENJOY!

  5. Your hair is long! I love it! Is JH tall? It’s hard to tell from pictures, but he looks it. And I know what you mean about this…except that physical demands have been replaced with bickering. Sometimes I’d go with the walking around a crying baby than quieting bickering kids!

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