Only a Month Behind Schedule.

This will not be a fascinating post, but it is celebratory nonetheless. MY BASEMENT REORGANIZATION IS COMPLETE!


I’m really happy about a couple of things: 1. it cost me a whopping $20(ish) to get things organized the way I wanted. 2. I have room left for more things, should I need it, but let’s hope that I just keep getting rid of stuff we aren’t using so that doesn’t happen. 3. There is lots of workspace now that all of the junk has been cleared.

This comes on nearly the 1-year anniversary of this house officially becoming ours! Our closing was last year on March 22.

Before pictures of our embarrassing mess are here.

And now, the evidence:

What I’m really excited about is that now, I can focus on what’s next: the etsy shop. I’ve been doing little things here and there, but it’s time to get some things listed. Of course, I’ll let you all know here when things are up and running!

8 responses to “Only a Month Behind Schedule.

  1. I am SO impressed and know what an accomplishment this is!! Love the hair salon! 🙂 The amount of storage down there is absolutely amazing, and I know it doesn’t even all show in these pictures. You did great!

  2. How are you going to get all those words off your walls and cabinets?

  3. Super jealous! Will you come organize my basement like that?

  4. Can you come do my house next? You did a great job. We always have a garage sale piling going. When I can’t take it anymore, the clutter just goes right to the pile & it’s sold a few months later. =)

  5. Oh, and what will your Esty shop have in it? Did I miss that or are you keeping us all in suspense? (LOL at Jake’s comment.)

    • Hmmm…keeping you in suspense! No, it’s not a secret, really. It’s kind of odds and ends, but mostly little flower headbands for babies (and older girls), flower pins for a sweater or jacket, and I’m going to make copies of the Advent calendar I made last year.

  6. Congratulations! Now on to conquer Etsy. You have ideas, talent and now a clean workspace. Looking forward to seeing what you create next…

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