Spring Break – Check

I made a list in the week leading up to spring break of things that I wanted to do with the kids. Here it is, with commentary and photographic evidence, in some cases.

*Make french toast out of Trader Joe’s challah bread like Sonya did – Check! It was delicious, and one loaf made enough for the kids and I to have dinner (Matt wasn’t home that night for dinner) and for breakfast for the kids the next day. I know, you’re thinking “wow…you really set the bar high, Nicole!” But she just posted that recipe right before spring break, so it seemed a perfect time for trip to TJ’s and making it.

*Sign Jack Henry up for t-ball – Check! He told the lady at the office where we registered him that he’s been “waiting and waiting and waiting for this day.” I’ll probably almost die from the cuteness of him on a team.

*Go to the zoo – Check!

*Go to the park and not be in a hurry – Check and check. We did this twice.

*Make root beer floats – Check! This one made the list after spring break started, actually. B’s friend Adam was over to play and talked about how much he liked them, and I realized that my kids have never had one because of my absolute hatred for root beer! Jack Henry doesn’t like carbonated beverages, so he passed, but the other boys loved them. And I may have to have a Coke float after Lent is over…my mom used to make them for me since I didn’t want to be left out when others were having floats.

*Paint rocks – Check! This is funnier left unexplained, but just so you know, we do have some lovely painted rocks for sale right now.

*Make Halloween candy – no check here. Didn’t get around to this. Still. I have a box of those little melty candy things and molds from Halloween that we never did. Someday.

*Tour Busch Stadium (on a Groupon from last fall) – Check! It was lots of fun. If you have Cardinals fans in your life, they’d love it, though I have to admit that without the Groupon, it probably wouldn’t have been worth the price (it was only $20 for all of us to go).

matt walked down to meet us from work!

my boys in the dugout!

i was there too! and so was some guy with a hairy face.

curtain call! right after this, jack henry RAN onto the grass...huge tour no-no. so embarrassing.

sigh. i love this view.

*And one of my little projects:

I made them in different paper earlier this year, but I found this paper on sale RIGHT after I finished the other set and bought it because I loved it so much I knew I had to make something out of it. I gave our other set to Luke’s teacher, who’s putting them up in her classroom. Plus, I’m redoing the little table from the playroom in navy and light green (it was getting to be in bad shape), and I’m going to paint a chessboard on the table top, so this will coordinate a little better with that, too!

It was a fun, relaxing spring break, but I am more than ready for our routine to return tomorrow!

3 responses to “Spring Break – Check

  1. You really made it a fun week for the boys–and I hope you had some fun with it all too! Love these pics from the ball park! I love those READ letters, too, and think I should make a set w/ some appropriate colors for in “my” computer/TV/reading room! πŸ™‚

  2. This is really cool! We loved our tour…..I’m sure the boys were in heaven!

  3. Sounds like a great spring break to me! Love the pictures πŸ™‚ Especially the curtain call!

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