Great Mysteries of Motherhood, Part 9

This is related to #6, which details how kids don’t have anything to say to you until the phone rings.

Today’s mystery:

Say you’re on a car ride, and you try to initiate conversation by talking about things your kids like, or where you’re going, etc. And no one has anything to say in response. So you give up trying to talk to them after 15 minutes of disinterest, and turn on some music that you enjoy.

And then, just as the song starts, someone in the very back seat needs to talk to you, and they use a really quiet voice, like they have no idea that there is music playing that they’re going to need to talk over.

3 responses to “Great Mysteries of Motherhood, Part 9

  1. It’s a kid conspiracy, or a kidspiracy. They have their own rules, which involve not little you talk on the phone or relax to any music. The kids are very organized about their rules. It’s a little scary.

  2. I’m rolling ROLLING I tell you! This is SO unbelievably true!

  3. LOL! However, I have never experienced any one of my kids talking quietly. Ever. I’m a wee bit jealous that this happens to you & Karen. (What’s your secret?) 🙂

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