Seriously, I wish I got as excited about healthy food as Jack Henry does over berries. His love for them is well-documented.

Look at this little cutie!

He’s 2 years old here, chowing down on raspberries.

On Friday at Sam’s Club, I showed him the raspberries as I placed them in the cart and he shrieked with delight. The second we got home, he asked, “Mom, can I have a little snack before nap? Like some raspberries and chocolate milk?” How can I say no to that? He calls them “finger fruit” because he sticks his little fingers in the holes of the raspberries.

3 responses to “Berries.

  1. What a cutie!!! 🙂

  2. Too clever and cute for words!

  3. Finger fruit! That’s cute! Had dinner with a family that has a 3 year old boy who could be Bennett. He might be.

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