Home, a Year Later

One year ago today, the movers came to our old house and brought everything to our new house, and we started making it ours.

What makes me happiest, a year later, is the feeling of being settled. It’s a feeling that I truly don’t think we ever had in our last house, even though we were there for 6+ years, because we had a plan, and the plan was that it was a temporary house (4-7 years, I think, was our target). There were projects that went undone, primarily because I didn’t want to put a lot of effort into a place I knew we weren’t staying. And I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for that house – it was more than adequate for our family, especially at the time of purchase – but in the big scheme of things, we never looked at it as the place we were staying. And it makes a difference, I think, in how you decorate and how you feel.

We had both our old house and the new one for 2 weeks. We called the old house “home” and the new house “the new house.” So when we moved into the new house and it officially became our home, it was very, very confusing for Jack Henry, who kept asking to go “home.” Understanding that somehow, one day, “new house” and “home” had merged without him knowing it was at once sad and comical.

Within the first week or so of living here, I was perusing HomeGoods, of course, and I found this sign. I HAD to have it, and I knew exactly where I’d put it. People always ask where I got it when they come in the house for the first time!

I put it on the wall near the front door, and told Jack Henry what it said. And either enough time had elapsed or he just believed me, because he stopped confusing the old with the new.

Also, I’m so, so glad that it’s April 6, 2011 and not April 6, 2010.

One response to “Home, a Year Later

  1. I forgot to tell you–on our way home from church last Sun, when we were approaching your house, JH turned to me and said, “This isn’t our new house anymore; it’s just our house.” I loved it–how cute!!!!

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